Convection of Elements

I’m running the patterns of justice build, my survivability is absolute garbage when running the convection of elements, but I keep seeing everyone saying you HAVE to run it otherwise you wont do enough damage. I notice no difference in damage at this point at level 103 greater rift. I’m just trying to understand how a item that rotates 200% increased damage every 32 seconds is better than running something else, I feel like you could probably make up that damage in those 32 seconds of you just running around trying not to die. Each time I run the convection of elements I’m dying EXTREEMLY fast, one or maybe two hits and I’m dead. So it becomes a struggle to kite around especially since the build makes it so its pulling enemies into me that then kill me extremely fast.

If I run stone of Jordan and zodiac my survivability is much better since I don’t have to solely rely on convection of elements rotation to maximize my damage output.

Am I crazy or is that waiting around for 30 some seconds just to get an extra 200% increase really not that good of a payoff?

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POJ tempest rush always runs flurry rune for pushing. Flurry rune builds stacks. The actual tempest rush damage is irrelevant for any pushing content. You kill trash by getting enough flurry stacks to trigger a big AOE explosion when you stop channeling tempest rush or use another skill, due to the dependence on cesar memento bracer.

Ideally you want 100 stacks of flurry before detonating, which will take a while. POJ tempest rush is a timed nuke-based build, so COE suits it well. It is NOT a spin to win build at all.

In addition I would say that survivability is probably more affected by Squirt necklace rather than CoE.

Problem is… Squirt is the absolute best in slot unfortunately

CoE is like Shenlong’s, …, a roller-coaster timing mess in the midst of huge battles and if you’re going to depend on solely that then you’re SoL.

They just add milions of damage, and never fixed monks all res and armor.

And in most of cases, Monk are melee, and totaly vunrable.