Cont:: PS5 Season Journey bugged

And today I find that the Seasonal Journey status does not correctly show completed ones … on ‘ANY’ PS5 controller I use… going to try PC to see if it is similarly bugged.
…minutes later…
I guess the PC works, I just got the Seasonal Journey objective for getting Kanai’s Cube on a new SSF monk character and it shows up in season journey status … Now since I’m not on a PS5 and there unfortunately is no cross-platform play for D3 I’ll have to say that this issue appears non-existent on PC … I guess I’d have to log out and back in a few times on the PC to see if this Kanai’s Cube objective stays or not. If it stays then something wonky is going on with the D3 Console Seasonal Status … and if it does not stay then there is something Fundamentally wrong with the S29 Seasonal Journey Status tracking {something silly like assuming an OOP inheritance function to record ‘and store’ the status is not making the proper calls to ‘store’ the updates and only rewards them once. No wait, that’s not an OOP inheritance issue - that is just failing to make the call to update the record when an objective is completed. Since I have seen the current game update the in-game record and show new objectives as they are made then it is appearing to not make the call to SAVE the update so that it is there the NEXT time you log in. People need to log-out and back in frequently with this game since that is how they keep coming back to play more.
It appears that each time you log in on the PS5 console your seasonal journey screens only show what a brand new player would see and that says that the seasonal journey is being reloaded from scratch each time you log in … so not good.
…well off to trying a couple relogs on the PC to see what happens…bbiab…
Ok, after a few relogs the seasonal Journey status is staying. So, something not good with consoles then. The relogs were:
#1.) log out to character select and relog char back in
#2.) log out of D3 entirely and then restart D3 and relog in char
#3.) Log out of D3 and then Battlenet and then restart BNet anf then load D3 and then relog in char…
…all show the same seasonal journey staus. conclusion: PC good Console broken.