Constant disconnects lately

I am constantly getting disconnected now, last night I was about to be my next level gr boss and at 5% got disconnected, was gonna scream.

I am hearing tons of reports from friends of the same thing. Anyone else notice this as well?

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Then, do the WinMTR tests detailed in the stickied thread and post the results…


Cool, thank you for the heads up

Hey there Bigd,

Thanks for reaching out to see what may be going on with the disconnections. Those can be quite frustrating to experience especially when it happens in a GR! We have not seen widespread reports of this, so some troubleshooting and possibly even a connection test would be in order.

Some general tips for connection troubleshooting is here.

I also want to add that some programs can cause random disconnections, such as HP Omen or ASUS ROG Gamefirst. They are Quality of Service(QoS) programs that can throttle or even block the connection on a per-app basis. If you’re aware of having those or something similar, disabling the network monitoring or even uninstalling the program can help rule it out as a factor.

If nothing seems to help, let’s get a Winmtr test ran that captures when this happens.

Just run the test for 3-15 minutes, restarting the test if nothing occurs in that time frame. When a problem happens, let the test run an extra minute and then end it. Save the results, then open the text file and paste them here between two ~~~ like so:

MTR Here

If you have issues pasting here, use Pastebin and post the end of the link. (ie. 123456 for

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Yup… i’ve had the disconnecting issues as well…
For the N.A. servers that was unbearable…

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Ya my gaming laptop is the HP Omen 15… now i see why i’ve been getting disconnected a lot lately…
is there any other way to fix this issue from your side ???

Thanks Ironthorne, because of your advice I fixed the problem! Thanks so much

what did you do to fix the disconnecting issue ?
you ran the Winmtr test ? or ?

tons of DC… happpens in GR all the time.

waste of time, farming, and loss of gems/ xp.

it has been atleast a week

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yup … ever since the last maintenance the servers been having lots of disconnections…
the blue post even mentioned the players with HP Omen or Asus ROG that might have issues but they didnt even bother to fix it from their side…

98% 118gr and BAM… i hate this game sometimes. I feel for all of yall since blizz dont