Constant crashing on Diablo III

So I decided to download D3 once again after many years

And it’s been IMPOSSIBLE to play it constantly. The only thing that is constant is the crashing problem that A LOT of people have been having for a FRICKIN LONG TIME!

And when people try to ask for help the troubleshooting is always the same: “have you trying updating your drivers?” “have you turned off any overlays?” “did you repaired the game?”

And none of those things really work! Do Blizzard intend to REALLY FIX its game? Should I ask for a refund since I cannot play the game and I just bought the Expansion?

And no, my PC it’s not the problem! I played this game on launch with practically a potato machine and now I have something much better. It’s not the user’s fault

Have ANYBODY manage to fix that? Because it’s driving me crazy right now!