Connecting to Battle.Net: Cannot connect to the servert

On Windows 10 Home (version: 21H1) Username: Tsundoku#11238

When trying to connect to America it immediately says “cannot connect to server” tried to switch to Asia and it says “Connecting to Battle.Net” prior to getting the “Cannot connect to the server” error

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I’ve had the game for several days now and that’s all I’ve gotten. I’ve done everything listed on the site to be compliant and still “Cannot connect to server.”

Good luck. Regretting pre-ordering this.

It has same issue on PS5 so I guess maybe the server is down???

same here , PC , it shows:

“You must be connected to battle-net”


Same on Xbox

Trying to restart modem

the network is fine,
such poor experience that i did pre-purchase but i cant play

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Same on PS4. 3 weeks of attempting and troubleshooting. Blizzard needs to pay up.

Waited for 20th 10am pacific time zone beta start- cannot connect to
My profile security is complete, I’ve restarted my router and reset my Xbox one countless times.
Still get the same error message.
Any other fix available for Xbox one ?
I want to play beta before the 23rd, it’s the whole reason I even pre ordered the game.
Filled with regret

This is a joke right?
The beta ended in August, and there have been no more betas until the exit … they explained it clearly, you can read it in the faqs of the web, and it has already been explained several times by the forum …
I hope I have been of some help

Are you serious or you just woke up uninformed? Beta finished what a month ago? Official game starts on 23rd, exact hour is posted somewhere by Blizz. All you can do now is pre-load and wait. Are you 10 year old kids or what