Compromise? Loot

Others were asked about ploot. That’s all I can say here - I know this for a fact. I believe Rod has mentioned this - there was a discussion, heck it might still be ongoing.

You with me, I think - as you quoted my post in the first instance :slight_smile:

Its already confirmed that they will roll D3 instanced loot in future update. I guess that will make you happy.

Lol no it’s not, the EXACT and literal OPPOSITE has been confirmed, by Rod himself. You see guys, whenever a ploot says something, just think the exact and literal opposite and you will always be okay. If they say something is up, you think down and you will be all good.


That was just damage control, they don’t like mad trolls with their refund threats, that will irrelevant after you will play the game for more than few hours after 23.09

oh this lovely dreamland with all the unicorns and flying elephants :joy:


But the only people who make refund threads have been you ploot types, not us, but that is all before we get to the point that you lied, outright lied, Rod confirmed that D2R will have traditional shared loot and not D3 loot like you want. But look, if you NEED to tell yourself that the confirmation is just “damage control” then sure, but you will be in for a surprise on launch when you find out, likely to your horror, that D2R will be true to itself.

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ur so right about this. after refund is closed they can say it’s only ffa and will stay that way.


I assume that you are referencing “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” when the Black Knight says something similar. It is ironic that you pick this quote given outcome of that scene where in fact King Arthur does pass.

In their first D2R survey, Blizzard did ask if players wanted personal loot to replace FFA loot at D2R launch. Personally, I do not support this. I support an optional loot system. It would be nice if Blizzard did survey its players after launch on this issue. They would not release the results as the result would be dissected and used to support arguments.

Let’s assume that 1/3 want D2R to be FFA only. 1/3 do not care either way and 1/3 want the addition of an optional loot system. Who do you go with? Personally, I would favor those that wanted an optional loot system because FFA only would still be preserved in D2R.

This not true. You need to read all 4 tweets and what each refers to. The last two tweets on this matter it refers to altering FFA loot and splitting the playerbase. With his first two tweets, he assures that FFA only loot will be unaltered in perpetuity and no optional loot system would be introduced until after launch if ever. This optional system would be set at game creation and require opt in. Ergo, FFA loot is not being altered and the playerbase is not being split into separate realms. Fr your convenience, here is the image of Rod’s 4 tweets in context.

Refund threads have been made by forum members on both sides of this debate. This is fact.

True or they could add an optional loot system. No one but Blizzard knows for sure at the moment except Blizzard and Blizzard may not have even made a final decision on this matter. The only thing we can say with 100% certainty with Rod’s tweets is that no optional loot system will be introduced at D2R launch.

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I really do wish now that Blizzard would confirm Mod support and put great efforts into it. That way you could create a mod with this kind of loot allocation and see the results. A lot of people would probably welcome this more than straight up including it in the game.

This post quoted below makes me think that multiplayer D2R mods will be very difficult to implement and quite restricted.

It is a missed oppotunity in my opinion but i understand their secruity concerns.

It continues to be a disgrace that D2R will, seemingly, be less moddable than D2. So much for a “faithful remaster”.

They could also just test it in a special test ladder or similar.

you will hardly find a purist that is against higher screen resolution or that isnt ok with the minor changes you listed.

WSG is the only big one out of them and im not convinced its gone for good until there is a official statement. alpha had it, beta not. we will see.

overall perfectly fine and in the limits they advertised. i cant complain. considering changeists like you pretty much got nothing of relevance so far i take that win any day and will gladly focus on delivering the necessary counter voice to keep further filth out of the game.

Screen resolution is not the same as screen dimensions.

Alot of no/few changes supporters are against supporting screen dimenssion that are wider than 16:9 ratio.

Plenty are also against removal of TCP/IP.

Plenty are against no WSG & ebug.

Plenty are against not fixing NHAM

Plenty are against ladder items/runewords directly dropping or being made in non-ladder.

The list goes on and on

oh im perfectly aware what the hottest topics are for most purists, afterall im in communities that are 90% purists.

WSG is a big one, yet no final information available.

screen resolution (which obviously includes dimension, please show me a 16:9 panel with a 3440x1440 resolution) some pvpers with 16:9s feel disadvantaged but most are pro

TCP/IP meh even in the core purist community very nieche topic, mostly relevant for modders

eBug is a rather small one and also no official statement out yet.

the Ladder one was dumb, ill wait and see if they go back on that but not gamebreaking to me, no effect on balance or actual gameplay.

overall as a more hardcore purist thats pretty ok. especially knowing what we managed to prevent so far super happy with what will be released. Knowing what changeists could have made out of this game and what we prevented so far makes launch day just that much sweeter.

i know you are trying hard, but going through the threads here, no other possible conclusion as a clear purist win with what we will get vs what was asked by the likes of you.

relax, its a remaster :wink:

It is more than that. It has two core principles. Keeping the authenticity of the original D2 experience and making the game more accessible. These two things can be accomplished through incorporating optional changes where one choice preserves the “authentic experience”.

and ill repeat: so far, big changes were prevented. what we will get includes pretty much none of the nonesense that was spammed in this forum the last weeks maybe besides the ladder items in non ladder.

you are free to cling to your hopes and dreams. and we are free to let blizzard know loud and clear that there is a significant part of the core community that doesnt want those hopes and dreams come true.

maybe its time to put the tinfoil hat down and try to enjoy the actual game.

maybe you dont hate it so much as you obviously think trying to change everything about it.

still pretty baffled how many people buy a remaster for a game they hate in so many aspects.

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I’m down for a compromise between d3 and d2 in d4 but D2r should be as close to D2 as possible.


Oh yes for sure!
You can argue that adding an option to the game to toggle it is the same thing as creating a mod for it. Although i am not really how multiplayer mods will work in that regard, since Blizzard can’t create a million servers for each combination of mods. I do assume however that the mods need to be server sided.
With peer to peer it can work actually however people with bad internet connections could really ruin the expirience for others. Espacially in a open multiplayer session where anyone can join.
After all i think the mod will be received more positively than the suggestion to change it in the base game. I like to use the example of the introduction of Diablo Immortal. It was a horrible decision to announce a mobile game in front of the community. It would have been less of a drama if they announced Diablo IV for PC and console and Diablo Immortal for mobile.

That’s the dumbest logic I’ve ever heard. There’s no such thing as floodgate. Small incremental changes have already been made btw.