Cold sorceress build variations

Hello folks,

I’m looking for a bit of advice from sorceress experts. Mine died a long time ago at level 91 (closed Battle.Net, account expiration, rest in peace), and was using Frozen Orb and Nova at the time (game version 1.09 so no synergies).

I was reading a few guides from different websites (including the all-new and already great, but I’m still considering build variations from what is commonly found.

So what do you guys think of:

  • Frozen Orb + Hydra (is hydra good enough to take care of the remaining cold immunes?)
  • Frozen Orb + Fireball
  • Frozen Orb + Meteor
  • Frozen Orb + Nova
  • Blizzard and nothing else (probably max damage due to huge synergies, but leaving the cold immunes to the merc + static field).
  • Anything else that would be interesting to consider?

Thanks a lot for your ideas and advice on this.

Hydra is garbage sadly. I would go Fireball.


Frozen orb + energy shield/telekinesis . Frozen orb tank is pretty amazing and fun.

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There’s only one decent option for fire if you want a dual elemental damage. Use firewall.


Ya, if you want duel damage types that’s probably the best match up. I personally rather go pure with one element and rely on a merc for immunities.

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  • Cold/fire is statistically the most efficient dual-element Sorc build.
  • Just about any popular combo works, be it fire/cold or cold/fire, along with any 2 meta skills from either tree. It’s mostly about preference vs efficiency.
  • Blizzard-only is what you run when you are done leveling and MFing only.
  • Frozen orb is the cheapest skill to run in terms of points, but Blizzard scales far better at max level.
  • Blizzard/Fireball is my favorite, since it scales the moment you get Leaf early game and you don’t really need to respec as you level up.
  • Meteor, Hydra, and Firewall are all viable but not optimal.
  • Lightning is obviously best endgame, but the most common immunity in Nightmare and Hell, so without Infinity you run into problems.

Thank you all for your answers. I will probably try a Frozen Orb / Fireball sorceress. It’s seems easy to level and viable end-game at the same time.

I would love lightning, but as you said, it requires Infinity to be efficient. Considering I’d like to try a lightning javelin Amazon and maybe a lightning trap Assassin, I may keep my sorceress cold.

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Im debating this as well. I almost always make a Cold variant to MF with early and start running Hell Mephisto. But with the Necromancer being my Fav character of all time I might go there instead.

I always liked the Frozen Orb /Hydra with Tals set, torch, and Anni I was able to run all the areas I was interested in. Countess, Meph, Pindle, Baals, Shenk - and that other guy up top ??

I tried a Wind Druid on Open Beta and wasnt really feeling the power, probably due to having crap items. So Im probably gonna go Cold Sorc to start - either FO/Hydra or Blizzard/Fireball … Hope to eventually work into a tals set which is ok for a dual element sorc…


I finally changed my mind and would like to try a Frozen Orb / Firewall sorceress instead.

After reading more guides on the topic, Firewall is more powerful and requires less points to be efficient so it frees up skill points for something else (+its synergy is Warmth which is always great to have and actually used, while a Fireball sorceress would use Fire Bolt as synergy and never use it.

The only downside is that it can take a bit of time to get used to the Firewall skill so that the monster remain in the fire, but I’m almost sure it’s something I can handle properly after a while. Also, it’s a bit harder to start because these interesting skills once again aren’t available at first. But it’s ok, the game is easy enough on early normal mode.


Just blizzy my guy.

Most effective farming build for general hell farming.

my blizz / chain hybrid i use this every ladder start to mf hell

20 ice bolt (synergy with orb and blizz)
20 blizz
1 orb (the 1 pt orb combined with synergy may not seem like a lot but it really helps with norm and nm runs and can kill mobs such as the ghosts in hell chaos that are off the edge you can’t hit with blizz)
1 cold mastery
1 frozen armor

20 lite mastery
20 chain lightning
1 tele
1 static
x lightning (rest of points here)

1 warmth

So Im playing D2LOD until the Sept 23rd…

Just rolled a Chain Lightning / Frozen Orb sorc and its working really well into late NM and Baal runs at lvl 71… Iv’e never tried it in Hell though so I dont know if it will work - havent seen many cold/lightning immunes so far in NM…