[Classic] The Shared Stash

When? please link. As of yet, we have heard from a popular streamer, and have seen datafiles from alpha. We have not heard directly from Blizzard on this topic.

If you have new information, please link it,

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No, it will still be based off 1.14. No guaranteed SoJ for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought that there were no runestones until LOD? Hmm.

There are no runes in Classic.


I have tweeted Pez to see if he can respond for us. You never know!


Hopefully this helps!

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As of now, the D2R Classic (Base game) will still have the classic stash. I’ve passed off the feedback to the team regarding this but as noted, they are wanting to make sure the game still feels true to what it was in it’s previous life. Future QoL items may be considered but as of now the plan is to ship with the limited stash in the Classic (Base Game) version.


Oof. That sounds like a big miss to be honest. The majority of the classic players want the QoL improvements. Muling was a much bigger issue in classic as you hoard rares. Hopefully you guys reconsider later on. There are many topics about this.

Edit: Thanks for responding though. There definitely needs to be more communication between Blizzard and the consumer.

Care to weigh in about making cows after king kill while you’re here? Allow cow level to be made post-King kill


Can you clarify that “Classic stash” indeed means unshared, or does that mean the size?

Why would Rod Fergusson state unequivocally that they felt muling by throwing things on the ground “adds nothing to the game”, and then proceed to leave the Classic player with this exact problem? It sounds like laziness on part of the dev team, to be honest.

Complete and utter nonsense. How do you think this will work for consoles with a player base on Classic of basically nil?

Garbage decision if they don’t have the shared stash, might even cancel preorder if this is the case after beta. Terrible design decision.

Edit : Also, thank you for answering. This is a massive, massive, oversight on the dev team’s part, so it’s good to get a sense for what they’re up to. I really hope they try to reach out to the Classic community, as this is a huge deal.


I agree. Thanks for responding and starting a dialogue, and I hope you’re following all of the posts about this general concept carefully.

There is an important misconception being made that “Classic” is synonymous with “Purist.” Going forward under the umbrella of that misconception will lead to a lot of disappointment from many of the most loyal fans and players of the game.


purists wanted pure Now they got pure, and then want Changes instead. smfh


There’s the misconception at play right there. Purists wanted pure. That is a small group of players.

Classic player does NOT mean purist. I am a classic player and NOT a purist.

Devs need to make this distinction as well if they want to do right by their Classic players.


Except ClassicD2R is very much D2R. This argument makes no sense. It’s a game mode. This is like arguing Hardcore in D2R isn’t D2R. WTAF?


It already isn’t anywhere close. Pre-patch items won’t be in D2R Classic. Are they still giving auto gold-pickup to Classic? How do any of these decisions make any amount of sense?

If we can’t mule safely, what are the devs even thinking? Are they going to create gamestates that stay open for 5+ minutes after the last player leaves, so that we can safely mule, as we do in D2 currently?

Honestly I don’t think any of these devs have even played the game. They seem like a bunch of graphic designers completely out of their element.


Who says Classic players are purists? the majority of “purists” that are completely anti-change on this forum and others have been LoD players , not Classic ones. This argument holds no merit.


Classic is part of D2R lol. They are literally remastering classic non expansion D2 also.


Agree 100%. I planned on playing some classic on console. Now that will be a nightmare with no shared stash…


If they didn’t intend to give QoL to Classic, they should have just left Classic completely out of the game, so Classic players could just not buy the thing.

Getting people hyped to play Classic on a console and then THIS? wow…if the game ships in this state I’ll be very disappointed with how far this company has fallen.


They really need to listen to their customers before this turns into another reforged situation.


Unfortunately Classic is quite a small, niche community, or I think it likely would.
Either way, they are guaranteed to lose sales with this decision if it does not change.