Classic Players are Upset about no Shared Stash

He probably only played classic once and thought what made it “classic” and cool was the small stash, not realizing that’s not the reason we play classic at all. When he creates a character and clicks off the “lord of Destruction” checkmark once every 5 years, he wants to see a small chest and feel cool about it.


When people say “Classic” referring to d2 they mean “no LoD”, not some “nostalgia mode” with no changes since release.
Classic received changes with patches along with LoD, it is not the “classic game in its original form”, it’s already unrecognizably different from the release version of d2 with stuff like skill synergies respecs and balance changes done to it already.
So not adding QoL features of D2R to it for the purpose of preserving the “classic d2” is pointless, as what you refer to as “classic d2” doesn’t exist there in the first place.


Why then is it that Blizzard themselves, when referring to Diablo II Classic, refer to both Diablo II and Diablo II Lord of Destruction?

Have any of you actually visited and read the Diablo II website?

For just in case you haven’t I’ve screenshotted some highlights from the official Diablo II site, for your perusal:

  1. “A Timeless Classic” & “The Lord of Destruction Returns”.
  2. It appears that players can indeed choose which mode they want to play. This screenshot shows a ladder for “Game Mode - Expansion”. This implies the availability of a “Non-Expansion” mode…
  3. Redesigned User Interface.
  4. “Expanded Stash” / “Shared Stash”

There is nothing in the official website that even remotely mentions that “Classic Mode” will not have access to the expanded and/or shared stash. Indeed, there isn’t even a single mention of “Classic Mode” other than the screenshots that shows a ladder table where a “Game Mode” can be selected.

With all the changes (Shared Stash. UI Changes. Enhanced Graphics Engine. Controller Support. ) that are being brought in with Diablo II Resurrected, it can hardly be called “Classic” anymore, right? And that is precisely how I want it.

You can’t realistically call it classic when it clearly is no longer that. As I’ve said several times. I paid for Diablo II Resurrected so that I do not have to play Diablo II “Classic” anymore…

Now you’re getting it. Scroll up to PezRadar’s post, and now maybe you will understand what this thread is about.

The promotional videos and all advertisement makes no mention of non-expansion having no shared stash. This is exactly why the response from Blizzard is so ridiculous. They should at very least stop using the shared stash in promotional material, or put an asterisk that excludes non-expansion, so that people know what they’re getting before buying it.

It’s ridiculous.

I’ll need a citation, please, from an official Blizzard source that actually says the Shared Stash will NOT be available to “Classic (non-LOD) Mode” players.

From what I can gather, it’ll be available across all game modes…


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As of now, the D2R Classic (Base game) will still have the classic stash. I’ve passed off the feedback to the team regarding this but as noted, they are wanting to make sure the game still feels true to what it was in it’s previous life. Future QoL items may be considered but as of now the plan is to ship with the limited stash in the Classic (Base Game) version.

…Satisfied?.. What do you think this whole thread has been about?


Well, yes. Thanks.

They have their reasons, I suppose. What they are is anyone’s guess.

I still think everyone is making a mountain out of a mole hill over this. If you really want the shared stash so badly, then why not just play the game in a mode that enables it instead of insisting that “Classic Mode” has access to it also, which logically means it’ll no longer be “Classic Mode”.

The argument about items and runeswords and sets and other such diatribe doesn’t cut it.

Actually it cuts it, exactly. Baal runs are boring to many people, as are characters with 8000 life.

Many people want to play the game with a challenge, ie. playing characters with much lower life. Just from charms and CtA alone, a character in expansion can add thousands to their HP. Then you factor in max resist and absorb? it’s nearly impossible to die in expansion.

ClassicD2 also has more of a team element to it. In expansion a din can easily solo an 8p baal in 2 min or cs run in 1 minute. In Classic you need a team for Battle Orders, Teleport, Etc.

We still have the exact same needs as LoD players, which is to trade and mule with efficiency. The idea to keep Classic without a shared stash, while also moving the game to Bnet2.0 where game states cannot remain open is a very bad one, and if they do not reverse course, are going to hear many, many complains until it is rectified.


Has it never occurred to you that perhaps the reason for the lack of a Shared Stash in “Classic Mode” is preciously to cater for those who want to play a more challenging game?

Not that any of it matters anyway.

When playing solo, I always try to finish Hell alone as a single player (with new heroes), and only then will I start using “/playersX” to advance further. If I’m play group, we use that command to artificially add 1 or 2 extra players to our games.

This has worked well for me and my friends when playing “Diablo II Classic”. And I use the term Classic to mean the original release of Diablo II and Diablo II Lord of Destruction all those years ago…

Well then, go and play “Classic Mode” all you want, and trade with your team members. Isn’t that what team play is really all about? Trading with your team? And again, as I’ve said before, if you’re concerned that the people you’re playing with are going to steal your desirable items dropped on the ground while you leave the game to rejoin with another hero for muling purposes, then you’re playing with the wrong people. That is your responsibility, not Blizzards.

I’ll be playing only with people I trust to not be so underhanded, and then also only in game modes that gives me all the new features and functions of Diablo II Resurrected.

You were right and I was wrong. GG Turlok.

Blizzard - Get your god damned act together. Thanks to anyone that actually contributed meaningfully in these threads. Blizzard seems to enjoy biting the hand that feeds them.


I disagree that WC3:R is bad objectively. I could maybe understand if you play multiplayer exclusively then it was definitely missing promised features, but as someone who only ever plays it for the story about once a year it was absolutely fine and still a good game. By the way no game is objectively bad unless it absolutely broken, but as a whole whether a game is good or not is entirely subjective just like every other art form.

Prometheus: Your opinion of what the term “Classic” means is irrelevant, since the argument being made in this post is using the term “Classic” in the common context.

If you refuse to learn the vocabulary and conform to it, please do not post opinions on a these Classic threads. Your opinions are about a different topic.


Agreed, I think this is something that they will just have to accept if they are going classic only in D2 Res.

He doesn’t realize that classic is very different from lod. That’s all there is to know… he thinks classic is classic because of the stash. He is confused as to why a classic player would want lod qol features not realizing its totally different in the item game, endgame and working together.


Really odd that they go against their own philosophy when comes to classic. 99% of the community agrees larger stash and shared stash are great QoL updates that will not negatively effect the game.
Only thing I can think of is that classic has different coding that does not work and instead of admitting they can’t do it just come up with an excuse and say its to stay true to the original game… I wont be playing classic so I don’t care, but I still feel for those who are gonna play it even though may be only 5% of the people.


I haven’t been on here in a couple days. Is this really your new argument against a shared stash in classic? I agree though, having to mule your items in random public games does add more challenge lol

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LOL you’re hilarious, thanks for the laugh.

The challenge of transferring items in a public game :rofl: man you killed me…

Yeah that is a stupid argument*


What? This is reeally starting to look like trolling now.

The reason to play Classic is the different itemization from LoD, which makes an enormous difference in gameplay.


This is exactly what I’m saying. He doesn’t understand what classic is. In his mind classic = a small stash, and that’s it.


Yes, it does make an enormous difference. It means you’re missing out on items that could mean the difference between victory or defeat.

Or did you really think you could convince me that the expansion was not (or is not) necessary and has no purpose? If the pre-LOD itemization, as you put it is better than the expansion, then why even have an expansion?

I have yet to see any kind of “major difference in gameplay” between playing Diablo II and Diablo II Lord of Destruction. With the exception of the additional content provided by the LOD expansion, there really is no difference that I can detect.

In either case, they play the same way and have the same outcomes.