Classes needing help!

So all my testing was capped as a casual and 800 paragon max points added. Played the DH, Barb, and Monk. We are all kinda looking at the classes hoping that stuff gets fixed. So add a quick overall thought for your tested class as a whole.

Demon Hunter: Cluster arrow angelic power is not fun and I hate the sound affect. UE multi strafe amazing early, Shadow strafe good for middle game. At paragon 1500ish you want to swap to something else or stop the season. Shadow strafe needs a 7 to 10 gr buff to get to a 150 at paragon 4-5k. With that you can enjoy the full season. REALLY silly that if you want a DH to do 150s… make a 1100 paragon zero dps DH? letting them get to 150 doing damage… nah too OP! smh

Funny thing is, i am constantly looking for a zdh who knows what they are doing. People think zdh is lazy build don’t need much work yet all kind of problems arises.

Momentum not stacked to full = slow movement speed

Strafe auto applies entangling at 6x per sec, yet miraculously the entangling rate can be 40-60%, not 100% oppose to proper zdh

pylon taken wrong direction = longer time to pull = missed the power coe window

Dps wormholed instead of zdh = missed coe cycle

Wall not broken by kull aid, majority zdh over gear toughness

zdh moves too fast, not paying attention to progression/pylon locations = despawn pylons pre maturely

Incorrect positioning of firing multishot = minimum mobs buffed by Crit…18% crit chance is substantial buff or aggro teleporter mobs outside of setup location

Incorrect timing in multishot = missed coe cycle

Miss positioning during RG fights.

We often jokes about zdh been the least skilled role in meta, yet 90% of zdh i come across aren’t doing simple/ basic things

The new crusader build is a useless wasteland at this point. If some serious adjustments/fixes are not done before next season, the class is a skip until further notice.