Clarification on Season 19 Blog/Quoted Patch Notes

ohhh daaang! hope barb get some juice back!

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Awesome. What I’m hearing is bringing Barbs back up and Crusaders down a bit.


Gotta make sure the ERA LB gets reset for any classes getting adjustments. Pass that one along please.


The suspense continues! Thanks. :grinning:

Hoping that includes a fix to a ‘small nerf’ the barb community felt recently.


Thank you for the clarification! Please note the threads that cite specific issues. Ulma’s summarizes major issues:

Mine addresses Barb concerns. The Lamentation nerf was overkill. We don’t need a Season to see how it plays out, and there may be bugs with the items that prevent them from working properly:

We recognize that you’re overworked and likely overstressed, but it’s imperative that there’s some acknowledgement of what we’re saying here, because the community as a whole feels like we got kicked in the (digital) teeth.


I expect that AoV’s 6pc will be dropped slightly, lamentation getting a value added back to it, Fjord’s blade getting fixed to not affect All damage and only Seismic slam

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I dont wanna get hyped about it… maybe it s only crusaders down a bit and barbs just staying where they are.

Please also have them look at the Bazooka / Thorns / Blighter fixes.

They didn’t do anything and/or made the issues worse. Bazooka is still running 150 speeds just fine.

Your too pragmatic! :wink:

Please please please please buff Barbarians. Please.

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Please add lamentation back with 100%.

Please ask the community for help if the devs are not as familiar with the game mechanics.

Please make the new monk set viable.

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I’m assuming Aegis of Valor will be tweaked.

Please keep any nerf specific to just Heaven’s Fury.

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Agreed, would be a shame to gut the set theme completely.

Fires of Heaven rune is the problem. I think a quick fix for the set would be to change two piece to consume all buffing charges on a cast of HF. That means it works for all runes but prevents shotgun spam. Would play so much smoother and tone down the power level significantly.



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Patch notes are not accurate with monk new set. The description does not match with live game, please look it ASAP.

Thank you Nevalistis

Just Ctrl+C Ctrl+V to previous notes…

One week more to season 19…

You can relax and think about what you want on Black Friday more now. :wink:

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realisitc i would say…

Nobody would be soloing it next season as the top players will be at least 5,000 paragon less than the non-season, which is 25000 main stat, around 100% damage, and solo, we are not going to have a 1000 kill streak to get the full 100% damage buff.