Chiltara Grinding HELL, Improve the drop rate!

Been grinding Chiltara for weeks now and have hundreds maybe even a 1,000 kills. Still can’t get the gemstone to drop so I can finish the Staff of herding for the alter. They need to improve the drop rate for the gemstone for season 28. Sick and tired of farming this same NPC over and over for hours every day.

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Same. Honestly thought about quitting the game altogether because of this. Whoever thought this was a good idea for season completion has lost their marbles. Really hope you got the gemstone, I’m just about to give up. If I can’t progress any farther I’m done.

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Diablo 3 is a hack and slash game with some strategie but Chiltara is only luck. It’s real boring so mine intrest in this game is almost lost. I play this for many years, but Chiltara is the worst part of this game.

Same issue here diablo 4 came out and hardly ppl play diablo 3 i wanted to catch up on altair of rites now that i have time but that drop rate is like a wall i can’t progress at all, i mean like blizz please do something.