Cheaters on the Leaderboards

There are quite a few “notorious” cheaters on the leaderboards once again.
These are players that have been caught and banned in the past, but seem to be back on new accounts.
Please, Blizz if you are “listening”, remove the cheaters from the leaderboards so that us legit players can rest assured that we are claiming the ranks we deserve.
This promotes fair competitiveness and longevity of the game.
Thank you for implementing a seasonal paragon cap which has greatly reduced the bots, next phase, on to the other forms of cheating.


So when you are out paragoned, you blame botters. When no one bots, you still accuse players…

Whatever your personal view/agenda don’t matter. Each account is a separate entity. Doesn’t matter how much he cheated in the past, if the account is clean it’s clean.

Blizzard ban accounts, not people


Man, is so lame crying about cheating in a barely forgotten 11 years old game
anyways there are no bots in d3 anymore blizzard decided to shut it all down just in case you haven’t found out (maybe in china you will find any kind of cheating, you always will)
also ur so look too sweaty tryhard against the lame cheaters lol dude u must so desesperate… must be sad always be angry every time you see the laddeboards… hope you chill out a bit and get well soon


Afaik ONE bot dev was hit with a cease and desist. Hardly makes the game bot free.


there are not a bunch of bots in d3 there was only 1 that was reliable, the rest were scams trying to steal your account… and maybe The only thing I have heard is that the Chinese are trying to “unlock” this program by reverse engineering it to see if they can use it. But right now, no matter how hard you search, you won’t find anything besides scams. so there is no point… the only program you will find is the turbohud one

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Found the botter!!!


Yes, because it’s impossible to read about something you don’t use…


just google it dude its not in the dark web lolz
i know friends who have been banned for it
i never have been banned… blizzard has not found any guilty on me
and i know that im clean legit farmer…
but i have friends who knows the deal because im in whatsapp group with them…
so i cant say is 100% true, because china can crack and use any disabled bot easy in private servers
but for the rest of the word they say bottin in d3 is 99% dead because they paid money to shut it down all websites and hosting servers… the rest are scams


I see nothing changes metal, keep up the honest day’s work lol.
All 15 people will care… not

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Oh, a new thread about botters… :sleeping:


I am quite surprised to see that on console there are still no cheaters on the leaderboards with hacked gear and stuff. SSF was way more efficient to that matter than ever anticipated

Turbohud is not a bot.

But op is right though. Players still cheat and should get banned. Once every 2 months is not enough, it should be done weekly.

It’s not about botting alone. there are other forms of cheating. It is not crying, it’s complaining about players not getting banned for cheating.


I get it, that cheaters/botters etc are an annoyance to those that care about leaderboards and having them banned instantly would be the ideal solution.

However this game is 11 years old, I don’t think that this is a realistic expectation anymore. Bans have to be done by actual people and cost real money, much more than some server hardware running.

Isn’t it enough to have them purged once right before season end, so that everyone has his rightful place?

It is, however, I reported someone who is also streaming. So he basically shows others that it is okay to cheat.
If you get reported in game for something, it mutes you quickly, if it is chat related. So why can’t they ban as quickly.

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I believe in both forgiveness and consequences. If the same player has their account banned three times, Blizzard should at that point ban the incorrigible cheat permanently.

There are serial botters who gets their accounts banned frequently. These “players/cheaters” should be perma banned after 3 strikes by Blizzard.


It’s not like they can, the only option would be a hardware ban, and even those are easily bypassed.

There is most likely no system that is completely infallible. but steps could be taken to make it more difficult to have these scofflaws continue their poor behavior.


Sure, but it should be something that actually works, seems quite pointless to waste resources on a toothless deterrent. And I would imagine the number of repeat offenders are fairly low in the grand scheme,

What?? Blizzard employees… DO WORK?! There’s only 9000 of them.

Blizzard has more employees than D:Bore has players, yet no work gets done.

:sob: oh no not cheaters on the precious leaderboards! It’s only been this way for 23 years.

Maybe they can implement more cool season features like paragon capped to 666, primals only drop when a cat howls at the moon (this is a D:4 mechanic), and cheaters are automatically given a copy of D:Bore!

I thought many forumites here only “play this game solo”.

If Blizzard bans all those “cheaters”, the player population will be cut in half to a whopping 1425 players.

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