Chat Window Constantly Re-flashing & Overlaying Without Interaction

So the chat window is constantly re-flashing, and updating so that it’s on top, even when there are no new messages or I’m not clicking on it. My mouse may be over right side of the screen, but it still acts as if it has been moused over and refreshes. When trying to work with vendors, especially jewel, it will constantly overlay. Clicking the little chat icon does nothing; it just sets me to type in chat, and then I click it again and it takes me out of trying to chat, but the window remains overlaid on top. Even mousing away it just stays there constantly, and overlays anything else. If it disappears, and I move anywhere near where the window would be if I clicked on it, the whole window appears again even if I am on a vendor menu.

I have already run a Scan / Repair. It’s only prevalent in-town.

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Is there any solution to this bug? i also have same issue like this

As of 4/6/2021, I am also having this issue. Even closing the client and restarting does not fix the problem.

I had this happen twice to me. I tried a lot of things all at once to make sure it went away, so I am not sure what specific thing fixed it.

Restarting, uninstalling D3 and, deleting cache folders, etc, reinstalling, and d3, then restarting. I am sure there is a better thread with more details, but doing all of those things fixed it for me both times it happened to me.

I am literally having this issue right now and its really bugging me x.x