Chat and Communication on Consoles

Ok first of all as an original D2 PC player who now plays console I have been super hyped for this game. As far as the remaster goes I’m loving it - great new graphics and the cinematics look fantastic on PS5 - yes there some UI changes needed and lag and minor bugs but that’s what beta is for to test these out and fix.

However there is one major game breaking flaw right now that we can, as console players, share because we finally have access to the beta forum, lots of posts on console forum already and that is the lack of communication options.

They are GAME BREAKING! Diablo 2 for me was all about the atmosphere, the great loot system but end game came down to trading, trading in lobbies and chatting in lobbies, organising farm runs in lobbies, grouping etc. On console you can do none of that right now and that is why so many people are refunding the console version, both console players and PC players who want both. We can’t chat in game, we can’t chat before a game, you can join an act and hope that people in there want to do same as you, which doesn’t work, once in the game you can’t talk to them so are left guessing , you can’t trade effectively because you can’t find people to trade, you can’t talk to them to tell you what you want and they can’t talk to you. You can’t make groups for anything properly, you can’t farm properly or level up properly because of no custome games or lobbies etc.

Any mutiplayer right now ends up with random players in a game stood there like bots unable to do anything, say anything and just stand there. They want to interact but can’t.

Partying on a console only works with a few people and that is if ther privacy settings allows you to randomly add them and they want to use voice chat. It actually doesn’t work and is useless along with a laughable emote wheel.
No Ball runs, no opportunities to trade anything, no grouping options for specific goals, no text in or out of the game. Completely broken.

Please read and fox this, even if you can’t add battlenet lobby add text imchat in game and if you can’t implement custom games like Baal001 game, add pre made options like boxz runs or trading games. Still wouldn’t be great because you randomly hope 8 players in game have what you want to trade instead of a lobby which is way better but it’s a start.

Please we all want to play this but right now people are refunding console version daily because multiplayer is unplayable on console right now.

Thank you


Same Here. I’ve tried the beta on PS5, I was really hyped 'cause i loved the game back then, but without those features the online losts a lot. I hope blizzard will fix this 'cause i wanna play it so bad like the old times.


Rod Furgusson tweeted no “new” features will be added to the console on launch. acting like chat and lobbies are new feature from a game they built on top of from the old one which had them. They deliberately took them out on consoles and thought it would be fine. I’ve already canceled my preorder unfortunately and until there is a clear answer on them being included I refuse to buy this single player game they’ve come up with on console


They need to fix this