Character name changed to KOREAN and Gear apperance also swapped when adding friends to bnet, Video evidence from live stream

I dont usually post here but i have been playing this game since launch and i have NEVER seen a bug like this before.

I was streaming and was going to power level a friend who had died on hardcore and when i added him from my clan to my list, my characters name and clan name had changed to korean from english, her armor looked different and also my pet and banner changed completely. also my paragon was different. it almost looked like i was getting hacked?? but it happened twice after adding people to my friends list.

Something that might make a difference, im still using windows 7 and i need to probably update my whole system, i wonder if my older os is causing this??? im not trying to boost my stream i swear, but this is the highlight that shows both events, first time stamp is 1:20, second time stamp is 11:30


Something similar happened to someone in my clan recently. If you have someone in your clan check the roster, does your character seem to be someone else completely with a different clan/class/gear?

Acc belongs to wrong unknown clan - Bug Report - Diablo 3 Forums (

You are just insane :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On login into EU D3 my seasonal lvl70 HC Barb got transformed into a non seasonal lvl25 SC Korean! Monk! Korean chars name and all. My other EU chars were all shown correctly.

Happened today, completely replaced in menus, couldn’t start game with that foreign Monk as I got the error “hc and sc chars can’t play together”.

After re-logging into D3 my Barb came back, all looks normal now.

Blizzard PatatoServers™ or hackers?

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This has happened to me twice today. Hours apart, and it’s the same name and clan as the previous time.
I’ve logged out, reset passwords, privacy etc.

It’s happening to a lot of us, join the club!

When, if ever, do you think that they will acknowledge that they have a serious problem with the game? Silence as usual …

Day 3 and it’s still doing it. Only goes away if I completely close out of Blizzard and log back in.

I have This same problem right now the same monk what do you have to do?

We’re looking into this issue and wanted to ask if you can share:

  • D3Debug.txt (via pastebin)
  • Steps to reproduce (if you can reproduce)

Thank you in advance!


I just watched the beginning of the stream you linked and I have had something similar happen to me too … It’s very weird… my issue started with my main seasonal character somehow getting changed to non-seasonal… WHILE logged in and playing… I only noticed the issue when I’d try to invite people to join my game as I often will offer help to players needing a P-lvl or help with gear… Anyway I only just had this very thing happen to me only my character went from my DH to a WD but I’m pretty sure the name is in Russian and not Chinese or Korean… also it only seems to effect just my main seasonal character… but TBH I was so freaked out seeing that my character vanished and I had this weird WD in it’s place… I took a screenshot and when I came back to my game screen oddly my DH and acct info was back to normal… I took another screen shot to show this because WTF… and then when I came back to the game the weird WD was back… I again took a screen shot of this oddness and then when I saw that it when I switched characters that it didn’t return my character back to normal I freaked out and logged off and I even uninstalled and reinstalled D3 twice now… It was only after I posted my screen shots into my clan’s discord to see if anyone else experienced this issue and or what to do because I’ve never had an issue in the whole time I’ve played D3. The character issue resolves with restarting the client … however my issue of the game suddenly deciding my seasonal character (which it even SHOWS my seasonal journey on the screen when it won’t let me start a game because I’m not seasonal… I can get it to “reset” if I log into another character (seasonal or not) and then back into the character with the issue but it only works for a short amount of time and then weird stuff starts to happen… the final straw was when I checked my clan’s list and saw that next to my name was a WD icon (I have not and do not play WD at all, which makes this so freaking weird)

I’m wondering if it’s just 1 seasonal character that is the issue or if it will happen on any character… Also what do I need to do to provide D3Debug.txt ? I’ve never had any serious issues with my game … I’m going to see if I can replicate this but I don’t think I’ve done anything different I think it’s a client/server issue/

Late last week a fix was implemented to address the name-change issue players have been sharing here. If you’ve been encountering this issue still, please share a post here. We really appreciate your patience on the matter!