Character lost on PTR

I haven’t ever used the ptr before but wanted to test out the adjusted Inna set. Made a monk, leveled to 30 but wasn’t sure why I couldn’t use the master level without playing campaign to Act 4.
Thinking this was probably a bug I imported my characters from live to hopefully undo the restriction.They appeared with no problem; unfortunately there is no sign of my newly created lvl 30 monk. Is that meant to happen? Thank you for your response

Edit. Microsoft defaulted to my recently used account. The account I have the problem on is my first account BadandMad#2961


Whatever was on live is what gets transferred to PTR and whatever you had on PTR (if anything) is overwritten when that happens. As a result, your level 30 seasonal Monk is gone. You’ll need to make another one.

This is not a bug, it’s intended behaviour.


Thank you Meteorblade, still holding the fort I see. :slight_smile: I’m annoyed with myself because I had read that it would overwrite any previously transferred characters yet my dull brain didn’t make the jump to include my monk.