Changing location of d3prefs file?

Is it possible to use an alternate location than documents\Diablo III?

I have my Documents folder located on a NAS share, and D3 does not like that at all - preferences arent saved, it takes several minutes to try and change anything. Moving Documents to a local drive solves that problem, but then leaves my documents folder pointing at something I dont want it to!

You would have to symbolically link (symlink) the Documents folder to somewhere else so that the system knows calls made to the old link get redirected to the new. This might be possible using something like this:,the%20command%20prompt%20as%20administrator. But, I’ve not tested it nor have I any desire to.

Most clean installs of the Windows OS these days redirect Documents to OneDrive so it certainly possible… but, it may take something much more programmatic to do it, because the code in D3 is very likely looking for something like %UserProfile%\Documents - so if you can manipulate what the system believes that to be, so too will D3, because it is an environmental variable.

Now, to expand on this thought…

What if, (as in my case) your OneDrive keeps wanting to keep your game prefs backed up to your account, but you log into more than one machine with the same account. And both machines have different preferences for the file?

Now you have an issue here.

Blizzard, you really should somehow code in an option to keep the localprefs file within the game installation folder. Just that. The rest can stay where they are, screen shots, etc, but move the prefs file to the game folder.

This would be a smarter move in my opinion.

Now currently, I have one system backing up the files, the other is told not to sync those folders, but onedrive is kinda pissy about doing that and is constantly telling me there are sync issues with the one I blocked. lol

I would love to resolve this to both clear the sync issue and just eliminate the problem when using more than one system.