Challenge Rift glitch for current Season

I am playing Diablo 3 around 1:30-1:50 pm EST. I did the Challenge Rift and beat the time. When I go into my seasonal character, I can’t see any Challenge Rift reward at all. My mail is not there as well. Not really sure what’s going on. I originally couldn’t do the Challenge Rift on my seasonal character until I had a level 70 character on my account that had completed a Greater Rift. I did that this weekend and still can’t see the Challenge Rift reward. It’s as tho it just didn’t show up on my seasonal account. I’m not sure what I need to do now? I noticed that the Challenge was still the monk that had been up all week and had not changed over yet.

I experienced the same thing just now. I just completed a challenge rift, but did not receive a cache. All I got was a potion that said it couldn’t fit in my inventory but I had plenty of space. Not sure what is going on.
Normally I wouldn’t sweat it, but I waited all week to get the cache for the altar of rites. Now I’ll have to wait another week. It may be that they didn’t switch out the challenge rift character yet.

You have to check your mail when you are in a regular game, not in the challenge rift.

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Did you run last week’s Challenge Rift or this week’s Challenge Rift?

Challenge Rifts reset on Mondays at around 1 PM or 2 PM PDT. That would be 4 PM or 5 PM EDT.

What @VitaKaninen said.

  1. Leave Game.
  2. Change Game Options back to Adventure Mode or Campaign Mode (whatever you’re playing).
  3. Enter a game with your Character.
  4. Check your mail.
  5. Claim to Inventory.


I forgot I had this video. You may not need it. But, maybe it will help someone else if they find this thread. It’s from an earlier Season, but the process is the same.


Every so often, the Rift Reward will not appear. Or, it’ll be green to claim but then non-responsive to the click. When this happens, I find that it can then overwrite itself if one does the CR again. So, do not. Just leave the game and go back in. Usually works for me but I don’t do this every week.

I just did the challenge rift 5 times (Completed after 1pm PST) with a friend of mine along with another player and we beat the time, but did NOT receive the cache. My buddy received the cache, I did NOT. The 2nd time all it said was…

potion that said it couldn’t fit in my inventory but I had plenty of space. Not sure what is going on.

How can I get my Challenge Rift Cache for completing it 5 times ?
Does it mean I have to wait a whole week till I can do it again ?

@Blizzard, you really need to FIX your Challenge Rifts in the game, cause it is NOT working properly.

Any help with this would be appreciated it.

This means you were checking the mail inside the Challenge rift, but you can’t collect the reward cache inside of the challenge rift.

Go into adventure mode in a new game and check your mail there.


It is bugged.

This will be the fourth week I have completed the Cr and have not received the cache.

Next week record a video and post it here. :man_shrugging:t2:


I can not see your online profile. Are you playing on a console? If so, then you need to post on the Console Bug Forum. Also, I think you have to collect the reward in the lobby of the challenge rift, not in town.

If you are on PC, then when you go into the menus and select the challenge rift, does it say you have already completed it? If not, then you can record it now, and not have to wait till next week. If it does say you have already run it, what is your time?

I will run it and post a video showing that it is working. I already ran it yesterday it on my other 2 accounts, and they used the reward on the altar, so I know it is working.

FYI: You do not need to talk to Edira in order to get the reward. Just beat the timer and leave game (on PC, anyway).