Ch64 of That First Spark!

Hey everyone! :slight_smile: Been a while! I just recently posted chapter 64 of my on-going Diablo fanfiction. You can read it here:
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For a quick recap, here’s the premise:
"Johanna had gone mad with her quest, there is no two ways about it. Lyndon wishes nothing to do with her anymore, yet he is dragged into one last adventure to the Realm of Hatred.

Instead of bounty, he returns with a newborn angel, and suddenly his friends turn on him. Following a single advice given to him in this sheer madness, Lyndon must travel to Westmarch to ask for Tyrael’s guidance. But the journey may prove more challenging than anticipated, with a small angel who doesn’t even speak the language, and the Hero of Sanctuary hot on their heels."

Thank you for reading and have a good one! ^^