Can't retrieve challenge rift rewards - XBox One

For the second week, I have been unable to retrieve challenge rift rewards I have earned. I would like to retrieve them on my seasonal hardcore character (who is now level 70), but I cannot retrieve them on any character.

When selecting the challenge rift, it shows the green checkmark on the reward, with an expiration time below. When re-completing the challenge rift, it shows that the reward is already earned.

I have logged into many of my different characters and checked the reward pedestal, but nothing appears and nothing happens when I try to activate it.

The only thing I can think of that could have caused this is that last week I think I created my new character but did not log into the game on it before completing the challenge rift. But my inability to collect rewards seems to have extended forward to this week.

Anyone know a workaround or fix for this? It’s quite frustrating.

Still bugged as of April 5th 2023?