Can't reply to most posts

I just joined and was wondering why I can’t reply to most posts

You need to buy the game in order to post.

I have the game. Been playing for about 3 weeks

Interesting, I did not know that. Lots of changes to the forum since i used to spend time here reading “Druin’s” posts about monks. Could really use his insight as I’m getting back into the game.

Do you have a console version? I think that might limit you to the console discussion forums, and a few others. I can’t find your profile on d3planner, so unless you have another account, that might be why you can’t post on this battletag.

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nah, blizzard is scamming people right now. IDK why, must be the main D3 dev behind this. Error 315000 for muted accounts trying to get ‘silenced’ not banned people to pay $45USD for new accounts.

On my other account that I used to use for D3 trading, I purchased D3 and even have it on my paypal still. Yet on my profile, they removed D3 despite me having regular addition. I go to buy it and they are trying to charge me $45 for both.

Basically D3 isn’t making the money needed and the head D3 dev is going behind peoples backs to make extra money. This is shadier than drug dealers in downtown alleys. What a terrible company. They just lost my D4 purchase

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I can’t post either. This is infuriating. Can someone relay to Blizz about it and enable me and the op to post (just us).

Me too here, don’t know why.

You can open a ticket to get this resolved or call. In most cases it’s an improper flag.

As Timber said, if you have the console version, you can’t post in many of the forums here. If you have the PC version and are unable to post, you should contact Blizzard.

So, no way to replay on any PTR discussions ?
(I have console version)

Have you linked your console account with battlenet account?
You may try if not already. See the procedure here. Then relogin the forum.
Perhaps that will unlock the forums (I’m not very sure).
Let me know the result.

yes, how do you think I write …
I am logged with Blizzard Account Management
and have Active status for Diablo III

Link account is not mandatory. Some forums don’t require owning the game.

So, you have already linked and still can’t access those forums. Then you prove that console players are restricted to Console forums, support forums and this New Player Help forum. Other forums requires to own a PC D3 license.

Yes, and do you think this is correct ??? we all have in common Diablo 3
and instead of using this forum, we have to use reddit or other …

Perhaps it is because your license key (if there is any at all) of console version is registered and stored in console manufacturers’ database and Blizzard can’t verify that.

really ? and how they check console thread ?
I think Blizzard don’t care about this (((

I don’t think they check console threads.

I think it is a technical constraint. Nothing about care.

The new Community Lead certainly does…

I meant they don’t check user’s D3 console ownership on Console forums. Sorry for any confusion.