Can't pick up items

When this blue portal appear it says (someone materializes) when you enter it there are monsters you kill them, new blue portal appears etc.
In this place sometimes the dropped items can not be picked up. When you walk over gold it auto picks up. Can not even move inside other portals. You can move and use skills. Character name “Zyma”

Perhaps your inventory was full.

Visions drop far more items than you can carry and you may have to go back to Salvage a few times.

Gold, Death Breaths, keystones, and Bounty mats do not take up inventory space.

There are also Enemies inside the Visions that can drain life, slow you down, or nerf some abilities.

There is also a bug in pyre’s revery if the portal to next floor spawned on the stairs on the right side of map, when you take the portal back from next floor you’d be stuck under the stairs, can’t move, can’t pick up anything. You can only tp town and enter the vision from beginning.

Sometimes you could be wormholed out of vision map as well, it’s kind of funny.