Can't find my saved PC diablo 3 chars on consoles

Hello guys,

played a lot Diablo 3 on PC years ago, was paragon 777. I’ve bought the “eternal collection” bundle for Switch and Xbox series S…I was convinced that I would have found all my saves if I would logging with my battle net account on consoles…but with my horrorified reaction…well no!

I still see my Necro Char on the D3 site (Rasputin80TV#2566 - Comunità - Diablo III) (I had more characters, but see that only my necro is visible…)

But there is no way to retrieve it on the consoles :frowning:

I’ve also noticed that If I restart a char on the xbox…even if I’m logged with same profile I can’t find the save on the Switch.

I play also D2 Resurrected, and there I can play on one of the 2 consoles alternatively …i Guessed Diablo 3 worked same way…but no :frowning:

I had all expansions DLC on PC and the versions on the consoles have all expansions DLC too.

Is my character and my paragon level lost forever?

Thanks and sorry for the long post

A desperate D3 fan, wish you all great drops


D3 on Consoles is not integrated with and thus you cannot access your PC characters on the console version of D3.

Different versions of D3 on different console again are not synced across console platforms.

D2R works cross platform because it is integrated with so you can play the same character on PC, Switch, PS or XB but D3 is not like this.

oh thanks for the confirmation mate, was searching on google but hoped there was a trick to make it work. I will get all my patience and start again…the road is long, but the travel is fun :yum: thanks again :pray:

I was about to buy d3 for my switch as well, good thing I read this thread. I’ll stick to d2r for now