Can't claim challenge rift reward

I’m playing D3 on the Nintendo Switch. I beat the challenge rift time and it shows that I got the reward. I went to adventure mode, and the reward cannot be claimed. It’s not in my inventory where the caches are, not in the mail and not on that pedestal next to the nephalem rift. My “Time and Date” on the Switch systems are synced b.t.w (heard it might be the problem)
What do I do?

Is your Switch’s date and time correct or have you changed them.

Yes the date and time are correct

Shortly after challenge rifts were introduced I messed up once after completing one within the allotted time by not talking to Edira (the floating entity to the right of the challenge rift obelisk) before leaving the area and returning to game. I was unable to claim my challenge rift cache when I did this.

I don’t know if this was or still is a bug or is working as intended. It could have been a coincidence also. Whatever the case, I make sure I talk to Edira now. Perhaps the same thing happened to you.

I have never seen this once. And I’ve done nearly every CR since their inception (I missed most of the CRs from s27 as I didn’t really play the season). It may be a switch thing (I play on PS4).

Re-run the CR and clear the time again. I’ve seen a lot of XBOX players complaining about this problem, but it seems that very few, if any PS4 players have had this issue. I have never not been able to claim my CR cache reward and I’ve done an awful lot of CRs. And I have talked to Edira after completing said CR on more than 1 occasion.

Good to know. As I mentioned, “it could have been a coincidence also.” It happened to me on PC on one of the very first challenge rifts when they were introduced. I’ve been making sure I talk to Edira ever since as a just in case measure.

Yeah, just a coincidence.

Just for information - I never had this problem on my Xbox until recently. But I also just upgraded from the Xbox One to the Xbox X. I’ve been unable to get the CR reward on the X, 2 weeks in a row. So just now I went down the basement where the X-One lives now, and played this week’s CR on that. I was able to collect the reward no problem.

So, for me, the problem is isolated to the Xbox X.