Cannot do anything with clan

319045 when i try to talk
i cannot leave clan because i’m not in the clan.
this problem seems really common in the forums.

anything i can do about it ?
i have not found any solution. been this way for several days.

I am having an issue with the clan functions as well. I tried to change the Message of the Day and the About, but when I click Okay, it changes nothing. No error message, no restricted words message…nothing. It let’s me kick peole that have been inactive, but not change the MotD or the About. Please help.

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Same problem… i cant leave my clan nether the communities. I cannot open the clan menu, and if I try to leave my clan the game tell me that “youre currently not in a clan” but in my nametag the clan is there…

Also, when I finish a gr +120 the game tells me that my last gr record was a 105… and I don’t appear in the ladderboard.

I already try the fixes in the forum, like reinstalling, cleaning caches, changing my region, etc. and nothings works for me…

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yeah. it’s really annoying.

This problem is in the forums a lot going back at least a couple of years.

never seen anything that says blizzard has done something about it, and i have no idea if people have been able to fix it.