Can you buff UE Damage a bit please

I really would love to buff UE Multishot damage through the set or the bow just to clear some higher Rift for solo speedfarm. Always played GOD the last seasons


I have not played DH for a while and UE was my go-to set.

I have tried it in the PTR and the amount of damage UE deals is risible compared to pretty much any other set, maybe Nat is the only one worse.

Given the reworks this season, I’d expect UE and Nats are in the pipeline. Just maybe not this time round.

Hopeful they’ll rework UE so it’s not so dependent on discipline rolls… Makes rolling quivers, bows, cloaks that much more annoying.

As for Nats, I’d like to see it turned into an out-and-out RoV damage dealer.

Fingers crossed it happens before D4 release!

All that UE needs is a numbers buff on the 6piece bonus. God forbid that they try to go for a rework, changing this classic playstyle completely.


I’m not sure UE needs too much of a dmg buff… after all if you stack AD everywhere you can get pretty high numbers if you know how to pull and get a good, S-tier map.

my gripe with this build (and I say this fully aware that I suck at playing glass-cannons), is how hard it is to survive.

thinking it out as I type, it might be cool to see some extra damage output for monsters that are further away, to help encourage that kind of playstyle, which would go well with the set’s 2-piece (or is it 4-piece?) bonus, and with zei’s stone (maybe this damage could be added into the set 2-piece or something).

alternatively, make the build (or the passive) slow monsters down harder and/or for longer?

idk tbh. I’ve only been maining DH, on and off, for the past few seasons (since GoD came out), so I’m not intimately familiar with all of the class’s mechanics. the issue I have with a straight buff/nerf to a build’s damage output, is it just moves the build ceiling, without making any changes to the way the build plays

This is probably fine for the purposes of OP’s request, but given the power creep, which has come without much of an increase in tankiness, those of us who prefer to push the entire season, rather than the more meta/efficient farming until the last week before giving it our all, find ourselves increasingly in need of more paragon to keep up with the damage these builds can output on day one.

I don’t know… just killing the rift boss takes an eternity with UE compared to Marauder or Shadow.

It can shoot pretty much constantly, sure, but the damage is way off compared to the other options.

This, despite the fact that UE MS attacks are twice as fast and cost almost nothing.

It took 3 minutes to kill a 95 boss with UE, while it takes 10-15 seconds to kill a 105 - 110 boss with shadow or marauder. The difference is absurd.

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yeah, that’s typical of a build that relies on AD to do damage. you need to fish for rift guardians that spawn adds, like Saxtris or Hamelin. Most RGs - which just spawn 1 or 2 adds - are really slow, and if you get Sand Shaper or infernal maiden, or one of those ones that don’t spawn any adds at all (there are a few more), it can take anywhere from 2-5 minutes, depending on the GR tier and your paragon level.

While easily confused with a raw damage issue, it’s a subtle yet different one, an issue where the nature of the skill (in this case a volley of multiple arrows which effect an area, rather than a single target) lends itself more to certain type of bosses than others.

You get the converse effect with other builds that don’t rely on AD, such as inna fire allies, the wizard’s firebird’s mirror images, Witchdoctor’s Arachyr spiders and barb’s Savage Frenzy (off the top of my head). The first three, pet builds that they are, improve vastly when the RG doesn’t spawn adds because the pets tend to run off and target the adds when they spawn, generally speaking. the savage build spreads the damage dealt over all targets the more targets there are, up to a max of ten. So they all benefit from single target bosses.

What this means in practice is each build has two or three RGs that are optimal for it, maybe 5, then a few that are ok, and the rest are best skipping the rift, unless you’re not under any time pressure.

It also means that when testing this particular build, you need to benchmark using a rift that spawns Saxtris specifically, though Hamelin or Binder might do as well

Even with adds, a focused build would take no time in dealing with adds, and without pets you can focus on the boss and burn it down before the adds even have time to spawn… the difference would still be unsustainable.

you may be right. I haven’t played it in a while either. my point stil stands though. about moving the ceiling without considering the ramifications to the build’s tankiness (or lack thereof). Ideally you would want a buff that would make the build fun at all levels, and a strict damage increase, in this case, would leave this build in a very glassy state

UE’s damage output being dependent on max discipline is perfectly fine. All it needs is to make +max discipline as a guaranteed roll on Yang’s, DML and the set chest piece. As it has been requested for ages.

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The absolute biggest problem with UE is that the damage is based on Current discipline, meaning if your max is 96 but you vaulted, or in current events used vanish too often, you could end up using half your discipline and cutting your damage in half.

It should be based on Maximum Discipline and not Current Discipline for consistent damage.

The UE set is already weak even with every multiplier used. The 350% should be at least 500% per point.

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UE need some love. Yes. The set’s damage level is obsolete in 2022.