Can not log in at all. Error 3006 and 1016

Any outages or log in issues, I can see friends are online but I can’t get in at all.
Load up and it sits at the 3 ticks menu for AGES, then gets to where I see my character with the START button greyed out, then it says I have timed out ERROR 3006.
I click ok and put in my password and it says ERROR 1016.
I’ve reset, logged out, logged back in, restarted my modem and PC.
Nothing is working, anyone else had this know what’s happening?

happened to me as well, I have 2 connections, the 1st is 2.4G and the 2nd 5G, the problem occurs with the 5G and the 2.4G is totally fine.
Now I’m no expert but 2.4G is fine for D3 in my case so I use 5G only for streaming content.
I know I’m not really helping but you can try it out while waiting for a tech to answer, I’ll keep an eye on this post as well, it could help me to understand what’s wrong with my 5G connection

1016 is a generic error code for disconnection, and 3006 should be network issue too.

You should post on Technical Support forum. Include a WinMTR report in your post.