Can I play D3 on the Switch completely offline?

Bit of background: I’ve been playing the D4 beta this weekend and I’m not too fond of it… I enjoy playing D3 considerably more.

I hope I am wrong, but I think the writing is on the wall that Blizzard will eventually drop support for D3 entirely: it’s impossible to monetize D3 the way D:I and D4 are/will be, and micotransactions/battle passes seem to be the direction Blizzard wants to take all their games.

I have been playing D3 on-and-off since release, but much more consistently in the last several years - I also played D1 and D2 when they were released, and played offline solo D2 on-and-off for well over 10 years so I have spent a long time in Sanctuary - losing D3 seasons will be sad, but losing the ability to play D3 at all will be heartbreaking. While it’s possible Blizzard may make a final offline patch for D3, that’s not something to count on, so I have decided to get a Nintendo Switch in order to always be able to scratch the D3 itch when I get it.

I already picked up a physical copy of D3 for the Switch last year ($60 for ‘just in case’) but I think it’s time to actually invest in the Switch itself, before it goes to a new generation of hardware and the older physical games are no longer compatible.

I dont know anything about consoles (havent played a console game since BioShock on my old Xbox) so I have a few questions for the community:

  1. Is it possible to play D3 completely offline on the Switch with a physical copy of the game? (participating in seasons is irrelevant: if Blizzard drops support of D3 there wont be any more seasons anyway…)

  2. Can I connect the Switch to a TV or Computer monitor to play on a larger screen?

  3. There are two version of the Switch currently available - the OLED and I guess the ‘standard’ version - will a physical copy of D3 be able to play on either?

Thank you in advance!

I’m pretty sure all console versions of Diablo 3 can be played offline. PC is the only one that forces online.

Also yes, the Switch is made to connect to a TV through the dock it comes with, unless you are using the “lite” version console that doesn’t even separate joycons.


Connection to server is only required for seasons. In non-season only thing you need internet connection for is multiplayer (couch coop excluded).

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Except on PC version where it is always online. This only applies to console.

Yes, offline, as long as you do not want to play seasons as noted.

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Thank you for the answers everyone!

I will be ordering myself an OLED Switch today - it will be relief knowing that I will always be able to play the game I enjoy so much whenever I want, regardless of Blizzards support for it. :slight_smile:

I genuinely didnt know that all the console versions could be played offline - I legit thought that the Switch was the only one. That said, the Switch is more compact, so it will be easier to make room for.