Can I get my money back?

Clunky game, either super laggy or dsynching idk… beta is poopoo.

graphics are epic, but quite a few changes made to make the game feel different. mainly in regard to hit boxes, skills performing mildly differently, and a wicked dsynch.


Did you get a chance to feel out whirlwind?

has a delay, and not nearly as effective for tri-ww.

Also, to rant more. the xp bar is so unoriginal, devs cant seem to remember the feud d2 players always had with WoW players. The global chat is annoying, and hardly noticeable when someone says anything in game. Communication and multiplayer play taking a hit big time.

edit: ill give it up for the gfx and sfx tho. they;re awesome, but how can devs not realize we didnt keep palying a game from 2000 for its graphics… its for the gameplay that they said they wouldnt touch, but did… That and, is double swing slower now??? i cant tellll.


I’m having a blast. Put in a ticket if your inner Karen requires it.

This is concerning.

I’ll check it our next weekend.

insults is one way to show your disagreement. Another is to try to explain. Being you literally just started playing again, your inner noob shows you won’t understand any fundamental issues either.

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A few of us purchased this to play after work for the intentions of getting it early and playing through the Beta knowing there will be bugs…

For the first day we go so far, and then we were kicked out the game and not allowed to re-join for 2 days, then we had a patch update and Blizzard got support tickets from us all which we got no response from and the tickets were deleted. Today we tried to continue our game and we have 1 option and 1 option only… “Uninstall” What an absolute waste of time this has been…A beta should at least be playable and load up, but for all of us today, we can only see the uninstall option as the only possible choice. Thanks a lot… where can we all get refunds please? Sure the game would be good if you let us play, but we’re tired of waiting every day all day, finishing work, getting together just to find the game has no option to PLAY anymore…

The Beta announcement and instructions stated the Beta ends at 10am Pacific time, Monday Aug 23rd. Why would you expect to play after it ended?

Q: How long will the Beta last?
A: The Early Access weekend test will run until August 17 at 10:00 a.m. (PDT). The Open Beta weekend will run until August 23 at 10:00 a.m. (PDT). This will allow us to get the right amount of gameplay feedback and client performance data. Reference this Time Zone Converter to identify when the test will end in your region.

I got my money back for now but I trust VV (especially after their great job with Crash Bandicoot) and Blizzard. So when they eventually make requested changes, I Will Be Back!

I think the animations are misaligned with the hitboxes, hence why performance of skills is compromised even though the game logic hasn’t changed. It’s a really bad implementation for the concept they were going for.

Netcode was dog*@#&. I live in south america so I tried no to judge the lag, but it seems the problem goes deeper than just my internet latency.

I highly enjoyed my time in the beta because I was very occupied enjoying the idea of finally playing this game on a gamepad, but those issues are real.

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I noticed some rare weired desynch, but it was exactly the same on the original game.
I am not sure they can fix this as it is based on the original game running in rear task, after all, isn’t d2r all based on it ?
It has the same properties like breakpoints ( which should not exist at 60+ FPS) but also the desynch