Can flagging be weaponised?

As others have said, the worst that can happen from mass flagging of your post is the post being hidden and Blizzard reviewing it. Nothing else will happen unless Blizzard determines your post was against the ToS.

There’s also an important thing to note here: Other people being mean to you or even breaking the ToS is not a valid excuse for breaking the ToS yourself. It doesn’t matter if you want to claim people are disagreeing with you in hateful ways, that doesn’t give you a free pass to be hateful yourself.

That said if it’s happening a lot you may want to step back and consider if you’re not doing something. I get into my share of arguments around here and I don’t get mass reported.

At least in GD, it’s not a case of “I posted an opinion people don’t like so they mass reported me for it out of spite”.

You obviously haven’t seen his myriad tantrums in the past.

Makes unpopular suggestion threads, then he goes on a flagging spree himself and launches tirades against people who dislike his ideas, always playing the unfairly treated victim and blaming everyone else.

Then his thread gets locked/deleted and later opens another one to complain. Just like this one.

But don’t take my word for it, ask Cheetah. He’s accused her a gazillion times of being a mod in disguise and having a vendetta against him. Considering the number of times he’s been banned, I’m genuinely shocked he’s still able to post today.

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Oh, I most certainly have seen his posts in the past. Tin foil hat wearing cult member who spouts nonsense and then gets butthurt when people call him out on his nonsense. I know he likes to stir the pot and act all upset when others don’t support his views. Perpetual victimhood - that’s what him and his kind thrive on.

And yeah, I’m surprised he hasn’t been outright banned yet. also.

But I suppose that’s just my ‘opinion’.

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Hate is a word laden with emotion.
Many people confuse it with critizism and disagreement. People pretending to be victims use it frequently to gain pity.

If you are unable to distinguish between “hate” against your arguments and ideas, and hate against your person, you will not do well in any debates. Ever.

Disagreeing with you is not an automatic wish to inflict discomfort on you, it’s a hope for you to make a counterargument to make both parties more enlightened on the subject.
Debate is not for glorifying anyone in particular, but to hopefully gain wisdom for all engaged parties.


If people are not careful there will be a filter put in place so that only Diablo topics will be allowed. Its not a hard filter to make for the devs. So I wouldn’t push them to do it.

There are no politics or currant events news here. It should stay that way


It is already against the rules to post things not related to Diablo 3 (or 4 seeing as there is a sticky giving permission to talk about D4 here). The only thing they have not done is make a filter that removes things automatically, which I think is impossible and it would be easy to game by just putting the word Diablo in the topic.

The Diablo III forums are for discussion of topics directly related to Diablo III.

The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topics not related to Diablo III, Battle. net, or Blizzard Entertainment are subject to deletion.

And this reminder about discussing post moderation of any sort (grey/deleted/modified)

Do not post about moderated threads.

Post that are moderated have a reason behind the moderation. It’s up to you to read the forum Code of Conduct and these guidelines to determine what you did wrong, learn from your mistake, and attempt to post again without breaking any rules.

Sticky with Forum Guidelines: Welcome! Please Read
Forum Code of Conduct:
Sticky with permission to post D4 things here Diablo IV and Ongoing Communication

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lmao you do know that doesnt mean much right. The majority of people do not read the rules to sites they join and even less bother to follow them. Not to mention the mod team here is soo backup up that these forums are a wreck. Ill assume they are backed up other wise someone is slacking lol

As for talking about moderated posts. That is funny. While you might be able to ask that here. People dont post things like that here. They post them on reddit in threads made to do nothing more then rip apart forum mods and helpers. You can find mod conversations, talks about mods personal lives and all kinds of funny stuff. Also there is no way I will agree to the mods being gods.

That does not seem funny at all. That seems to be on the verge of doxing people. People who are hired to respond to forum reports for all the Blizzard games, not just Diablo 3. I am not sure how anyone on reddit would have the real names of the forum mods though. They don’t usually post at all, and when they do they use a screen name. Only the Community Managers (some of them) and some of the public facing staff like senior Devs/producers, give their real names. Those folks are not the forum mods though.

As for being backed up responding to forum reports, yes, they are. Most of the Forum Moderation team for the US works out of the Austin TX office and has been working at home with limited tools for a couple months, like the rest of us.

Nobody said they were. They do however have total control over posting ability on Blizzard’s forums. Unless the law changes, private property owners and venues have the right to set and enforce rules, provided they don’t violate any actual laws. Such as requiring a coat and tie for dinner service at a fancy restaurant or asking unruly customers to leave.

This is the internet. With the way people post most of their info on line it is not hard to back track and trace them back to their real life info. And since people like to put soo much info on line in places like facebook of even better, not removing the meta data from the pictures they post. (I bet you could even find one about you if you looked hard enough) That is the easiest way. Heck they can get exact local data from that. This connected world for all of its benefits, the one back draw is that no data is private these days. If someone whats to know who you are they could find out with enough effort.

Oh please that is a BS excuse. You can moderate forums just fine from home. Anyone that cant is lying. You can handle over a 1000 reports a day with a laptop. And that is even if you need to do a few hours of research before you act on it.

Yes you are. By saying the mods are unfalable and not to be questioned. You are saying they are gods on the forum and above reproach. Which is never the case.

You are talking to the choir. This forum is equal to a small group chat compared to the forums I have been a mod for over the years.

There is a simple solution. Be old. Don’t have a Facebook account, Instagram, SnapChat, or whatever else people are using.

Also, just because people CAN eventually find personal info, does not mean they should, and they certainly should not be publishing that. Some people are creepy, violent, and irresponsible. It is NOT ok to stalk and creep on people for doing their jobs.

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Does anyone know the number of flag reports needed to have the forum software to hide a post? I am trying to get a sense of whar mass flagging means. Is it 5 flags? 20 flags? 50 flags?

That has nothing to do with being old. Bet you and I are around the same age most likely. I may even have you by a few years lol. That is being out of touch. Which does kinda bring the question of how you can mod here without having your finger on the heartbeat of the gaming world. Interesting.

If you use the internet you are vulnerable. It just depends on how much work someone want to put into it. I mean even these forums are built on old software with hundreds of holes. (look it up) It just is soo small that it flies under the radar also not really alot you would want here. Except maybe data collection on its users. That could come in handy.

If you are worried about it then to be honest you may not want to live your life in the public view.

What should be done and what shouldnt dont matter. Just look around you. How much does the human race do just because they can? Without a single thought of if they should. Alot. What we should do never is in the talks lol.

Now we can battle on if they should or not. But what they should or should not do means nothing as it is happening all the time.

You are right. There are. People that you are afraid of are using the internet to.

Not to mention they are doing it all wrong. When something is removed from here, it should be closed wit ha warning message from the mod explaining why it was closed and then if it is brought up again. People are removed.

Come to think about it. This system on this site reminds me of Chinas social reputation system.

I believe 3 flags is enough to get a post hidden, to the point where you have to click on a little blue link to view it if you want to. So mass = 3 according to the OP.

I don’t know how many times this has to come up, and be shot down again. Green text gives absolutely no moderation privileges. Green text does not indicate an employee. Unless it’s blue, it’s not Blizzard.

Ok so be an MVP. Whatever. A title like this is like being the class president. Its a title. Who cares what title it is. Cant really speak on a gaming forum if you are out of touch.

That number seems too low. Do you have specific knowledge/evidence to confirm?

If this was the case, then I wonder why the last year thread like “HK thread” at D3 GD last so long in the past.

I don’t moderate here. I am pretty sure I have told you that before. Further, having a social media account is not a requirement for reading those sites, this forum, Blizz posts, etc. One can keep up to date, without actively posting/participating.

I don’t. Posting on the Blizzard forums under a very common nickname is not living a public life. My choices to not have public social media accounts reflect that - I choose not to put my personal life all over the internet. My active participation is limited to these forums, for the most part.

They often do, unless the thread is totally useless and off the rails. Some of those are just deleted. If an account is actioned, the person gets an email telling them why.

The “P” in MVP stands for Poster, not Player, as some might thing. MVPs are active forum participants who tend to be helpful to other players by answering questions, pointing them to resources they might need like articles or support links, etc. MVPs often participate constructively in threads by following the forum rules. One does not need to be the best player, most knowledgeable, etc. They need to be a responsible and helpful poster. There is a reason I am a Tech/Customer Support MVP, WoW Community MVP, and before the D3 MVP program ended, a D3 MVP.

Again, not personally posting on social media does not make me out of touch. I can still read and keep up on conversations. I also find it ironic you accuse me of being out of touch, but don’t even know what a Blizzard forum MVP is for, or what “powers” they do/don’t have.

Because that was a very hot button topic about Blizzard policy that people were going to talk about no matter what. Blizzard did not want to be accused of being too harsh on critics. It served as a thread for people to vent their views, vs making multiple threads. In the end, Blizzard did change their stance on the actioned player, so I guess all the feedback helped, not just here, but across many platforms.

They did the same thing during Blizzcon 2018 when the massive PR disaster happened. They extended thread post limits, allowed minor infractions to slide (like cursing out of frustration), and focused on moderating the death threats and actual violence.

Sometimes circumstances require Blizzard (or any company), making an exception to their own rules. Seeing as it is their forum, they can do that. Most other off topic threads are moved to the Games and Tech Forum, or others that are more appropriate.

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I remember it well, a few weeks later most of those people were gone. They just used the forum to vent. Similar to the people who hate D3 and now want D4 to be a clone of D2.

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yes and that’s the reason i can tolerate disagreement with ease.(content)
-i can get triggered on brutes, and some of those know that very well…(form)

in the past, i had a habit to confront most brutes.(form, nonsense, insults, etc)
-those reactions fell very bad with those brutes and their friends and they ‘promoted’ me as being the aggressor, instead of the defender.
-i still am very unwanted to those posters that took a hit from me.

hereby your comment is answered too;
btw, you quoted the answers yourself, but more is answered above.

that i believe;
it explains why massflagging IS weaponised against me.
-only a few of my old ‘friends’ have to find my mildly risky post and there i go.