Can a loot filter be made as a mod?

It’s been said that mods will be very limited to this game. Mods like increased stash page won’t work. How about loot filters? Will they be possible to be implemented? Or do they belong to the same category as increased stash page?

yep mods will be limited we don’t actually know how limited till we see the patch notes or game files. What we do know is no injecting into the client is allowed and tcp/ip is gone.

we don’t know that, we have to wait and see what options blizz gives us we just know plugy mod maker says he “can’t” make it for d2r. He said this without knowing what tools they are giving people.

as for loot filter and other stuff it’s the same as stash mods atm it’s wait and see the only statement we have is.

once they release the pre launch download next week i suspect we will have a much clearer idea but they could keep us from downloading those files till launch day.

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In 1.09, new players with really bad gear could join Cow Level and find lots of good items hidden underneath all the trash after everyone left. They wouldn’t get rich, scavenging, but they could gear themselves a bit and maybe get a bit lucky. I myself found Eaglehorn, Tal Rasha, Immortal King, String of Ears, and probably a lot more from just scavenging abandoned Cow Levels over the years. That’s not to mention a whole lot of runes and Perfect Gems.

With a loot filter, scavenging wouldn’t be possible at all.

we are talking about solo games you can’t use mods in closed bnet.

Hopefully Blizzard adds loot filters, themselves.

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