Can’t seem to progress


I have the mundunugu set this season and I’ve been really enjoying it.

Currently using barber, gazing demise, lacumba orn bracers, travelers pledge set and a hand full of stuff is ancient.

My cube is soul harvester frost burn and ring of grandeur.

I tried to do a rift 115 and it was so slow like 8 minutes, stuff just wouldn’t die like it does on lower floors.

How can I increase my damage so I can keep pushing at a decent pace. I see other people with mudunugu at rift like 140 but I’m stalling around 115.

Idk what to do

It might have something to do with your augments, your gems (and what level they are) and your skill.

I’m usi my bane of trapped, babe of stricken, annnnd I forget the last one off top of my head but they are all level 95+ and I absolutely destroy GR 100-104 but then stuff just doesn’t die, I don’t get it

Are your ancients augmented. DPS is driven by main stat

It is probably because you are not playing the build properly. A low GR’s you can just spam Spirit barrage and everything just dies but at higher levels you want to set up big explosions. Pull a bunch of monsters on top of your Phantasms, let the damage stack up and then blow up everything at once.

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A few things you might want to check:

  • do you have proper rolls on your gear? Mundu is a very specific kinda build, where SB dmg% or attack speed is a separate dmg multiplier and thus making it extremely important to roll
  • do you have every piece of gear augmented? Difference between fully augmented build (Whisper 125 lvl) vs no augments is a difference of 8450 INT,
  • remove sacred harv, cube barber and wear voo juicer. Far better than Sacred Harv.
  • What is your paragon lvl? If you are below 2k (which I assume is true), you should be wearing Guardian’s set, which is superior to any other.
  • you can try using squirts + CoE + RoE + RoRG (cube) instead of Endless Walk set.