Caldesann's despair season 24 drop rates

Did something happen to caldesann’s despair drop rates in current season? Didn’t found any for ages and could use one more than ever with current season theme. Always had bunch of them messing around in my inventory.


You get legendary gems by running Greater Rifts; you level them up the same way.

You craft the flawless royal gems using Shen - if you haven’t gotten the designs for them, run bounties or hope you come across a goblin.

Then, all you need is an ancient item.

So, nothing about this is unusual.

Nothing drops with the augment already on it. Never has.

Maybe you mean Ramaladni’s Gift? To add a socket to a weapon - in that case, also, nothing has changed. It does appear to me that dual-wield classes get them more often.

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You mean Ramaladni’s Gifts and, no, nothing’s happened to the drop rates.
I’ve currently got 17 of them in my seasonal Stash.