Build Suggestion please

Was hoping for some suggestions on major areas to improve my build. Specifically:

  1. I have watched videos online where people are able to keep Wrath of the Beserker up at all times. I spam HoTA as fast as I can but no matter what, I can’t keep it up, I often have it down 10-15 seconds at a time.

  2. Should I stick with my Bracers of the First Men with it’s HoTA buff, or am I better off with Mortick’s brace and its Wrath of the Beserker full buff set?

  3. Should I keep the ring set or would I be better off with individual rings, and if so, what stats do I look for?

Any other advice or suggestions greatly appreciated. I am currently on GR55, I can get through it in around 6 minutes with the occasional death if I’m being dumb, want to improve efficiency and survivability on higher levels.

I don’t play Barb, but just from looking at your profile:

  1. You aren’t using Boon of Bul-kathos passive. Also, remove any RCR from paragon points and gear if possible.
  2. Haven’t tried the bracers, so if you have an extra copy, just try it. Cube the powers of your First Men and Morticks and try the combinations in the cube.
  3. Can’t say. Look at the build guides and see what they recommend.

Read this: [Guide] IK HOTA (Season 21)

And from looking at your profile it looks like you have mixed pieces of IK and Raekor like a charge barb would. So if you want to do full IK HOTA then read the guide above but if you want to do charge then read this: [GUIDE] VileCharge IK6.RK4 - #19 by Cendiesel-1951