Bug killed my monk

So I was in the middle of a GR 90. Then suddenly the screen froze for like half a second and I was back at the start menu. I hit start game twice, got an “error creating game message” then in the chat window it says my monk has died. I’m still on the start screen with my monk alive and it says Start Game… I took a screenshot but guess I can’t attach it here.

Ugh. So annoying.

It was not a bug.

You had a D/C or error 1016 or your pc/laptop crashed the D3 client.

Sorry for your rip!

There are many of these client exploits, with other content. Monitering software is a part of the replay feature built into social clients or some updates.

Those are programs like wings, that alter some aspects of the client program function.
You should contact the local security on your hub location. As some are the result of deployments posted on locations that run Diablo.

Some frequent disconnects result as client exploits, that where run from starcraft. Pro teams attempt, to win advantage, in some maps they often fail. There are often the bridge fights that effect loot drop, also software features that are available like dual classed modifiers. There are a lot of advantages to teams gaining rep over players they fail by force.