Bug - Domination Quest

It seems that the Domination Quest has bug. My demon hunter is at paragon 740 and completed level 70 Nephalem Rift on XIII, XVI within 4 minutes (in fact, 2-3 minutes) several times but the Domination is still not completed. Can someone give me some hints?

Every single time we’ve ever seen this reported in the Bug Report forum, it’s been player error.

This is how you get the achievement…

  1. The timer starts as soon as the portal to the Nephalem Rift is opened
  2. The timer ends when you speak to Orek back in town to close it
  3. The elapsed time between 1 and 2 must be shorter than the achievement requires

Usual reasons for failing to get the achievement…

  1. Player is doing Greater Rifts instead of Nephalem Rifts
  2. Player thinks the timer ends when the Guardian dies
  3. Player isn’t level 70 and/or isn’t playing at high enough Torment level

The most frequent of these is thinking the timer ends when the Guardian dies.


I would say the most common error is doing a GR instead of a nephalem rift. I’ve lost count on how many people make that mistake.

Another issue is not knowing Roman Numerals. Getting mixed up between X and V, for example, and doing a T8 instead of a T13 rift.

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Thanks your reply and clarification. BTW, I think it is hard for a single player to complete it. Any suggestions?

The right map makes all the difference. Certain open maps often have densely packed mobs and lots of elites. Try to get as much pickup radius as possible (max out your paragon points) to hoover up the progress globes, but don’t stop to pick up anything else. Just keep killing until the rift guardian spawns, and as soon as you kill it, TP back to town and talk to Orek.

A DH should have no problem completing these tasks. You might want to try a UE DH build.

It doesn’t need to be done solo. So, just join T16 public Rift groups and you’ll get the conquest incidentally when a big open map happens, everyone splits up, and it gets completed really quickly. Heck, if you do this and you see the progress bar rapidly approaching full, teleport back to town and as soon as the guardian is killed by one of the others, hand in to Orek, then use the banner in town to teleport to the player that killed the Guardian to get the loot / GR keys.

If your first floor looks like a good map, get to killing things and moving fast. Don’t stop to pick anything up, don’t open chests, have Nems on your follower and hit the pylons. Don’t stop, don’t back up. Soon as you kill the RG teleport to town and close the rift. Once you do it the first time you’ll realize just how easy it really is.

This is assuming that you have a build that is meant for rifts/bounties

Edit: I looked at your profile, do you have a seasonal character?

Assuming you are playing your Korean DH, I’d say that Shadow is not the easiest set for speed runs. Look for GoD or maybe UE, depending on your preferences / playstyle.

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Thanks for your advice. My character has achieved level 80 rifts but most unlikely achieve this challenge in sole mode. Unfortunately, I play in Asia Server. There is not many players. Therefore, I cannot find any game to join. As a result, I think I cannot complete this challenge. :sleepy:

Speed Demon Season 16 - YouTube
This is from a few years ago, but here is a video of a solo Speed Demon conquest (complete rift in less than 2 minutes). I still made it despite wasting time picking up items along the way. This is half the time necessary just to do the season objective.


try to set ur build toward speed mode, like using vengeance which give u hatred instead reduce dmg, using passive which incrs ur movement speed everytime u cast a certain skill there is also anoter pasive like hot pursuit which help u incrs ur overal movement speed

i suggest to use god set which also have abilities to incrs ur speed when gain a stack, usually for speed i use smoke screen and shadow skill which have rune to incrs dh movement combo with passive which reduce cost on discipline