Bug Bnty quest: Wortham Militia

PTR Server
Seasonal Standard non SSF.
Map 1 Act 1 Hall of Agony level 2
Completed 2/3 of quest called Wortham Militia, hit a pylon with nemesis, died instantly surrounded by elites. However, no res or any other option comes up. The elites are continuously fighting the 2 Wortham Militia I released earlier, so I presume the game is stuck on a loop till either party wins, trouble is, the NPCs are not losing any health. I can only leave the game now. (thus wasting 4 out of 5 bnty completion).

Thanks for reading.

PS I saved a screen shot of the situation, should that be of any help, let me know where I can upload it to.


You cannot upload a picture to the forums… but you can provide a link to it.

Since your BattleTag says that your Home region is Europe, here’s a link to a post on Europe’s D3 General Discussion forum with details on how to link a picture on the forums:


The two replies under that post provide the info that you need.

Cheers !

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Thank you, this should be it then:


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… and here’s a preview :

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