Buff not working?

Anyone else having this issue?

You mean the season theme like energy twisters and walls of fire that are supposed to be generated around your character? Yeah, I’m not seeing on the Switch version.

Yeah exactly :confused: hope they fix it soon!

If you had D3 on before season starts you need to come out and go back in and the buff will appear.

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It is not working properly or it really sucks since it can’t kill even garbage mobs. It basically useless.

Just started mine last night and saw all these in action…first area low level…are these mainly for looks with tapered down damage…based off your total damage or what. I saw health ticking off but it was very, very small…I do like the fire & lighting Trailblaze…where the heck has that been?..about the coolest looking damage I’ve seen in years…

I don’t understand the point of this theme. It normally misses enemies and when it does hit it does almost no dame whatsoever.

Same feelings here, this season theme is pretty bad and useless. Even if you get some good hits, it’s usually too little or too late.

It just randomly started working and has been working ever since. Don’t know why it wasn’t working initially.