Broken Promises ring

It is possible to make the ring remove the base chance of the crit, which is now equal to 5%.


For wha?

He is talking about adding an extra effect to the ring that removes a 5% Crit Chance, “You have 5% less crit chance” for example. This will help to activate the effect 100% of the time, as right now I believe there is a 77% chance of activating the effect.

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it rolls with resource cost reduction as default. seeing one with crit to hit on it is very rare.

Our toons in Diablo 3 have a “baked in” basic 5% CHC.

I guess the OP is referring to those 5%.


Yes, including in the Legendary Power the effect to remove 5% Critical Chance will help a lot!

Wouldn’t matter. The item will not function the way you want. It has an Internal Cooldown. I can’t remember what it was off the top of my head, but it’s there.

Only citation I could find on this was a 5 year old Reddit post. Others may be able to tell you more.

I don’t know if OP knows about the internal cooldown, but with the chance at least it will be easier to activate the power,

That is not the issue. I did some testing on this. Go to maxroll and look up items and read the description there. It procs funny and so I tested it. THE ISSUE IS… after testing even when every average 6 “hits” should proc it… it does not because of the broken mechanic and then you have an internal 1.25 second cooldown. With over 2 attacks per second. it still took me over 10 seconds average to get it to work then you get 3 seconds up time. Since you lose a ring slot for basically 30 percent crit change at best… the item is trash. they would need to make it 10 seconds up time to be 50 percent crit chance and then maybe it would be better early on than the convention of elements which adds a 200 percent damage multiplier. which does more damage in your cycle than 100 percent crit chance. If you want 100 percent crit chance the better option is the bounty knife that is 1oo percent to enemies at 100 percent health. and hope you one shot them.

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