Broken crown is ...... broken

The Legendary Helm “BROKEN CROWN” is supposed to have this quality " Whenever a gem drops, a gem of the type socketed into your helmet also drops." Well, it doesn’t … and I don’t have a Legendary Gem in the helmet :slight_smile:
Please help :slight_smile:

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The flavor text is a bit misleading. You won’t get the same quality gem to drop just the same color. Up to Imperial it does match the level but if you’ve socketed a higher quality gem than that then an Imperial of the same color will drop. Took me a while to realize that’s what was happening when gobs of extra Imperial Rubies started showing up for me.


Just clarifying something here.

The mechanics work as such:
When a Normal Type Gem drops, an equal quality gem of the color in the helm drops as well.

So if you have a Marquise Ruby in your Helm. The quality of that gem does NOT MATTER, ONLY THE COLOR.

If say an Imperial Diamond drops within a screen distance from you, an IMPERIAL Ruby will drop as well. It matches the quality of the drop (in the case above was an IMPERIAL) and you have a ruby in your helm so the extra gem will be a Ruby of the IMPERIAL grade.

ONLY the gem color in your helm with the broken crown matters. You could have a flawed diamond in your helm at level 70. The quality doesn’t matter, only that its a diamond. The quality of the extra gem is determined by the dropped gem only. So a flawed Diamond in your helm when a Marquise Topaz drops will have a Marquise Diamond drop a well.

The one legendary gem you CAN equip in your helm (the soulstone) is not affected by the broken crown.

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Read the entire text.

Whenever a gem drops, a gem of the type socketed into your helmet also drops. This effect does not apply to Legendary Gems.

As mentioned, it only matters the type not grade of gem in the helm.

so slot an emerald in it for gold find and run a Vault - for every topaz, diamond, emerald, ruby and amethyst that drops you will get an extra emerald like below if you kill a Gem Hoarder gob:

2 topaz
3 ruby
3 diamond
4 amethyst
3 emerald …and you’ll get 15 extra emeralds…

(numbers of drops are ESTIMATED and just random as an example - and the effect applies to all gem drops, not just from gobs)

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Just as an FYI, if you place this helm on your follower (it emanates), it will drop the same color that’s in YOUR helm, not the color you place in the broken crown on the follower. I guess I’m slow but I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t matter what color I placed in my follower’s helm as it was only dropping diamonds, which is what I have in my helm.