Bracers of Fury for FoH also?

I was doing some speed runs with the newly buffed Norvald’s set, and it got me thinking, since I was using shield glare as an extra skill in my setup, that the Bracers of Fury should be usable with FoH as well. I dont see that this would break the game much, though with Norvald’s buffed i could see the number values being reduced on the bracer as an overall nerf to the set. It would just be something nice to have overall - thoughts?

In season 22, with the extra cube slot, you could squeeze in dps by cubing Fate of the Fell, equipping SoJ and Bracer of Fury and running Blessed Ground. It becomes Norvald’s vs Shield of Fury, which is moot now with SoF at 10 stacks.

Blessed Ground by itself is pretty strong, so it should help on elites if they aren’t one shot. You’d have to evaluate your CoE cycle and figure 8 seconds to kill elite. Any longer and it’s a disadvantage IMHO.

Holy -> Lightning (too bad they aren’t reversed)

I’d take Judgement instead of Shield Glare.

I suspect the whole thing will feel clunky, I’d probably streamline speeds with a FoH supporting 4th cube slot: Furnace, ORotZ or Reaver.

All good ideas here, I tried various skills in this slot but shield glare actually felt least clunky most useful. Judgment didnt work really well with mass verdict as I hoped, the crit buff rune wasnt great either. Consecration never felt right and didnt seem to do anything. I know that if these bracers were for FoH also it would make this a crazy speed build in itself, and it would work even without the fourth slot. I think it would be cool to include it, because then the mechanics of the set would be basically the same for FoH speeds or HF pushing using the blind mechanism - similar to how PoJ uses Cesars Memento on speed and push variants.

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