Boy that Wrath of Wastes dungeon is tough!

Twice now I spent the high-side of a minute looking for 1 last mob. Makes a girl wanna cry.

Yeah yeah, buck up buttercup. If it were easy everyone would have those wings. Blah blah. Just want to whine a bit.

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That dungeon was hands-down the hardest one of all when I earned my green wings. I sympathize with ya, for sure!

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Is that the one where you cannot take any physical damage?

I tried it a couple times. I gave up. Not that it was hard, necessarily, but because set dungeons as a whole are just… something else entirely and should be treated more as a tutorial.

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Yes. You can’t even get hit even if you have the gem that gives you a shield and take no damage. Shields don’t help here at all.

These wings?

But, yeah, the Wastes dungeon is awful.


LOL - PPfffffftttt!!!

I highly recommend you to watch some guides on YouTube.

It is tricky, so don’t give up. Make a few practice runs.

Good luck it is one of the harder set dungeons all in all but doable!