Bows/Crossbows roll with intelligence

playing a monk, using a Scoundrel follower. if i craft bows, they have intelligence instead of dexterity. every once in a great while, i’ll get one with dex.
If i take the bows/crossbows to Myriam, they can only roll intelligence.

Hey Hurk,

I had the same thing happen a while back (bows rerolling Int while playing a Monk). I discovered later that exiting and remaking the game fixed it.

Does that work for you as well?

no, this has been an ongoing problem that started when i was in the season test, and now its happening again on live. I tried over a few days, and finally got a Dex base and upgraded it. but for sure at least over every day this weekend.

I get a similar issue rolling maces on Demon Hunters - which is even sillier because Demon Hunters can use maces. It was particularly galling in the season of spin to win if you wanted to apply it to your weapon.

Workaround: you can make level 70 gear on a level 1 character so if you have a free/rebirthable character slot you can make a level 1 Demon Hunter and roll your bows there (I know this isn’t ideal but :person_shrugging: )