Bonemancer viable as a starting character?

Most of my friends are all starting out with sorcs, but I want to rebuild my favorite old bonemancer that I used to play. This was back when the marrowwalk bug still worked and I had access to enigma, homunculus, maras, soj… you know.

Anyway, I’m just wondering if bone necro is a viable choice to start out D2R with, or if I should just plan on making one later when I have more resources from MFing. I’d try it out myself on bnet but unfortunately I can’t. My modern computer doesn’t even have a CD rom…so installing D2 is kind of a no-go.

Oddly enough yes, some people are pitching it as easier to build than a summoner…I personally would go summoner but to each his own.

Bonemancer can make some really good gear in nightmare aka white wand which will carry you through hell. NM Countess can drop the runes needed so once you hit A1 NM you can farm up a really nice wand. It is still very gear dependent but you can do well with gambled or found stuff.

What I don’t get is why curses are not used as much on bonemancers. Primarily IM for the monsters you trap in bone walls/prisons. As far as I remember monsters effected by IM still take damage when hitting bone walls. I know IM doesn’t do much compared to the massive health pool of hell monsters but if you prison up Duriel and just start casting spear at him, the extra damage form IM as he beats on the bone walls will help out.

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At the moment a poison, bone, or summoner will be fine to start with. You might want to look up that old build to make sure you don’t miss place skill points and waste a reset. Tbh i feel summoner is the slower of the builds because you have to really fund the troops before moving on into other skills. Bone should be the faster with poison in the middle

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