Bolas freezing rune question

Does anyone know how the freezing strike rune, which removes the bolas explosion, interacts with legendary’s that improve the explosion effect? like Emimeis duffel and Leonine bow? My initial assumption is that those two legendary’s would only contribute their bonus damage, and not create an explosion that was removed by the rune. But when i messed around with it in game, it was hard to tell, it looked like some sort of explosion was happening.

I’ve been really enjoying the way imminent doom rune interacts with those two legendary’s, especially for speed runs of t16 rifts and bounties and stuff, but i see a lot of people recommending the freezing rune, especially with how it might interact with the Buriza ethereal.

All runes explode. Without the duffel, all runes have a 1 second delay before they explode, with imminent doom having a 2 second delay, but more damage.

Freezing strike rune does in fact, explode, but it does not have an area of effect. It just explodes on a single target. Freezing strike however, can proc area damage.

When it comes to T16 speeds, you can go with whatever bola rune you want. Stuff should be dying in 1 or 2 hits and thus the buriza crit on freeze won’t have much effect on the outcome. The reason why freezing strike is popular though is because it spits out more bolas, therefore hitting more targets that are far apart.

Regardless, you can do whatever you want. If you like the big explosion area of effect visual, then volatile explosion is nice because it has a bigger area of effect. It also feels good and aesthetically pleasing. Go for what’s fun for you :slight_smile: