BLZBNTAGT000002BF Error Diablo III

I am trying to install Diablo III onto by PC everytime I attempt to do so I get an error code of BLZBNTAGT000002BF saying I need to try downloading the installer from the website instead. The link for the error code does nothing so Searching it takes me to a technical support page with a link to download new setup files. All that does is take me to my account page. Which surprise surprise contains no links to download setup files. I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find anyway to download Diablo III except from the application which won’t download it. So where am I supposed to go.


That’s odd… there are no longer any setup files for D3… it’s all done through the Battle.Net App.

Yes, those were removed some time ago… just about the same time Blizzard removed its Games download page.

Have you downloaded the Battle.Net Desktop App yet; if not, that’s the first step:

If you have, let’s make sure you have the right version… click on the blue Battle.Net logo and then click on “Settings” on the menu. Select “About” in the left margin… you should see this:

Verify that the versions of your Battle.Net and Battle.Net Agent matches.


Unless you are trying to install D3 from disks, the next step, after installing the Battle.Net App, is to bring up the Diablo III panel. Let me know if you have disks… don’t use them to install Diablo III.

On the Battle.Net App, click on GAMES and then Blizzard in the left panel. Search for the Diablo III icon on the right panel… you may have to scroll down a bit, depending on the size of the App on your screen. Once you found it, click on the star in the upper left corner of the icon. Then click on the Diablo III icon. Your Battle.Net App should now look similar to:

except that the blue button will say “Install”.


I see you now have a level 5 seasonal hero:

That’s good since it means you got the game installed – Gratz !

Just a note to say that Season 30 will end tomorrow (7 Apr 2024) at 5:00 PM PDT.

Season 31 will start next Friday (12 Apr 2024) at 5:00 PM PDT.

Best of luck in your games !