Blood Shard Capacity Issue

I never noticed this issue until Season 28. 1400 cap and char will not pick up difference. I am having to spend shards to and hop to zero it out to start racking them up again.

This is making it VERY difficult to collect the required shards for Altar leveling.

Is there an update coming to correct this? :face_with_monocle:

I brought this issue up in the PTR suggestions forums back during the PTR, so it’s not like this issue wasn’t known beforehand.

The bottom line is that until you get an influential and popular console streamer, expect the console to get zero support. (I.e. Forget Diablo 3, and try to make some Diablo 4 console streamer popular.)

There are two ways to overcome this.
First - make your cap a bit higher (like, 1430) and spend some shards before you pick up the shards from RG.

Second - somewhat similar - get rid of your shards (to 0), and run GRs that give an equal amount of shards. For example, GR91 gives exactly 400 shards.

There’s third way which requires basic math skills.

  • increase max amount a bit to make this easier
  • subtract your current blood shards from your max amount (for example 1430 - 1256)
  • find correct GR tier from chart below so that you get above amount you want but still stay below your max amount.

Pop to town, spend a few then go back into rift and collect. Up cap a bit by doing higher gr. It is a pain though your right.

just do a few GR beyond what is needed for PC (what else is new) and that will give you some extra space.

Thank you all for the suggestions.

I find it annoying that the amount of blood shards isn’t indicated on the ground like I am used to on PC.

I increased my max cap by completing GRs; however, I noticed that I am not able to zero out blood shards and it seems I have an odd number. Yes, there will be math involved to correct this. I just didn’t want to math at all really.

I’m lazy. :rofl::rofl:

No need to zero or do math. Pop to kalada when you can’t pick up shards. spend 50 go back. Repeat untill you can pick up the shards. Be few grs higher than required. Honestly I put zero thought or maths into it if you can’t do a higher gr then required spend 25 at a time