BlizzCon so far

Mostly some randos, that I’ve never seen before (I’ve watched all the previous BlizzCons) talk, as if we’re supposed to know who they are, and as if they’re known in the respective communities for the games, which they are discussing.

Blizzard lying through their teeth, that Overwatch 2 has millions of active players, even though the game is pretty much abandoned.

No new IP. Nothing really interesting.

Oh, and Cataclysm Classic. Sounds like an oxymoron, as the terribad Cataclysm (and even some of the flaws of WotLK) were what caused people to ask for WoW Classic in the first place.

Blizzard is so out of touch, it’s not even funny

Seriously, if i were to decide to play anything other than D2R, I might play me some Diablo 3 or Diablo Immortal, as they seem infinitely more interesting than anything new.


The audience is happy. You should find something to be happy about too.

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Even if they are, how many are present at BlizzCon? What percentage is that from the Blizzard fan base?

And… are they really though? I don’t know, comments are disabled.

I am happy, that some of the quotes from the lore are still very applicable as a form of commentary and criticism.

“I have no light anymore. Not after what I’ve seen”.
Pretty decent… not as good as “No king rules forever, my son.”. but it’s still something.

I am also happy, that there’s no nuclear exchange…
… yet…

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Yeah, that is a weird choice unless they make massive changes to it.
Much of the content (zones, dungeons, raids etc.) in Cataclysm was pretty good, but much of the game design was heading in the wrong direction fast.

The Classic Season of Discovery could be really nice depending on how much effort they put into the new stuff. Potentially what the Classic players were asking for.

This was an extremely WoW heavy Blizzcon though. Absolutely nothing other than it. Not even that new game they were supposedly working on.

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That sounds like a very bad decision indeed.

That’s a sum of all regions overall, not active players at once. That’s not a lie but cloaking away the important part. You usually measure a game’s popularity by active players currently playing. However, this wouldn’t be completely accurate either, as there are prime times in consideration.

People that can attend to a convention that is held at one continent in the entire world, be always less than the expected fanbase of a global corporation.

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CBA fake Diablo, makes D3 look good.
I can no longer criticize Jay Wilson and Josh Mosqueira, as their version of Diablo now looks like a classic masterpiece when compared to D4.


This BlizzCon looks quite boring. I’m not interested in WoW, the mobile games, or OW. This only leaves WarCraft, StarCraft, and Diablo. D4 still is dry. They are talking 1st expansion so soon which really means DLC or the equivalent of a d3 seasonal patch. This is what happens when the desire and quest for $$$$$ blinds and eclipses everything else.


Are they though? Pump the hell out of the hype train, release minimal content, tie in an exclusive mount/pet in all their other games, and people can’t wait to throw their money at it. Obviously, it is working since they are still doing it. Until people vote with their wallets, why would they change?

Well, they released the base game in beta state after several years of development. They will release the xpac, and all their customers who complained will have their Alzheimer’s kick in and they will throw their money at them again. Especially, when they throw in a shiny new pet for D3.

They don’t listen to us. They listen to our money. If enough people keep throwing their money at them, it makes no difference what we say.

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Well they do vote with their wallets when they buy Blizzard products. Don’t they?


Since I don’t care about any Blizz game but Diablo, the opening was mostly boring. Bailed out after the mini-D4 segment.


But I am referring to those who throw up the “I am quitting this game/Blizz FOREVAHHH!!” threads, only then buy the next iteration only to then complain about that one too. They are not smart enough to figure out that change won’t happen until they boycott the product.

On this subject, where is our favorite “I quit” troll with a thread about how D4 S2 sux, even though they said they were done with the game.

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I see what you did. :ok_hand: I like that one who was raging about D4, purchased the game said he was mistaken, just to turn around and start raging again. You cannot make this stuff up. They should turn the Diablo forums into a TV reality show.

Most likely trying to pre purches the D4 expansion so he/she/it can come to the forum and say “I Quit.”

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The average D2:R/D3 player watching Blizzcon:


I noticed they used my tagline in the opening ceremony…

Game on.


Been using that for years.

The presenters were the people working on the games - and without a Blizzcon in 4 years, it is true most are not well known. That is why they had their picture and title up with their introductions. So that people could learn who they were.

None were public speakers who were polished and trained. They did not hire a host with showbiz background.

I have mixed feelings about it. I am glad they were authentic and the actual folks working on games. I am a also quite aware many looked awkward, and uncomfortable. That it sort of did nothing for the “hype” or flow of the presentations.

Except Chris Metzen. He has a fantastic stage presence, timing, and ability to engage an audience.

For Diablo it was not really memorable. We knew they had an expansion in the works already. I was not really surprised by anything. Most of what they announced was a recap of the recent patch changes. Also Malignant rings. I will still probably watch the campfire tomorrow.

Yep. Cata was my vote for least fav expansion. It is the one that kind of pushed me away from WoW a bit. They DID say they are making changes to it though so it may not end up as bad?

What was interesting though is that they are keeping Classic relevant anyway with the Hardcore Mode, soon SSF, and the “Season of Discovery” with runes to apply skill affixes to items. So people who don’t like Cata, can keep playing Classic in different ways. I thought that was an interesting approach and it does let them keep experimenting and trying things that might be interesting. Much like Diablo Seasons try new mechanics.

The WoW audience is having a really good Blizzcon and enjoying it. Let people have fun.

I can tell you honestly though, it is not the presentations that make Blizzcon what it is. It is the friends - old and new - and experiences there. The presentations are just an excuse to get a lot of people with similar interests together. heh

OW reveal in person was cool though, really really really cool.


Didn’t even remember Blizzcon was on. I spent the morning sorting out the pug and doing my chores. Sat down to go through my usual websites with my morning coffee and then saw this discussion.

I take it no details of what D3 maintenance mode will look like.

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With the exception of the official D4 expansion announcement, he was the best part of the show.

I like Blizzard humor though.


Some of the laughter was quite awkward. Me personally, I think the right answer is to either go full Chris Metzen, or embrace the awkwardness and go full Eric Dodds :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s what pushed me to play private servers (as there was no WoW Classic at the time) and other games in general. It was pretty saddening.

I think this is the one expansion, where they can go all out with the changes and no one would be mad about it.