Blizzard , what is this ?! Season of Struggling?

So I told myself that I will give D3 S31 a try and have some fun until D4 S4 starts…

…yea, not really! After …what? 10 years of seasons, I look at the leaderboards and I see all classes ( except Necro ), struggling to do 130 ( and a bit ) after 5 days of Season?

Hello?! 150 is your “end game” and it should be achievable by all classes in say no more than … 10 days, but all I see is Paragon 1500-2000+ players struggling to achieve 130-140GR.

All this means that maybe, people will do 150 GR after they have…5k + Paragon? But even then, I don’t think …3k Paragon will help achieve 10-15+ GRs.

This is miserable. I am sure you have your data and I can bet that you saw a lot of activity in the seasons where people could decently do 150 GRs vs the seasons like this one.

I mean even in D4, in S2 when people could decently or easily blast through content the activity was insane compared to S1 and S3.

You are not learning Blizzard, and that is sad.


Look at the EU leaderboard, SSF, and you’ll see that your statement is false :slightly_smiling_face:

Barb : 133 / 137 in SSF
Crusader: 137 / 150 in SSF
DH: 138 / 144 inn SSF
Monk: 134 / 133 in SSF
WD: 130 / 140 in SFF
Wizard: 142 / 143 in SSF

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No, that’s not false.

Ok , few GR’s here and there and a Crusader doing 150 vs the next one after him with 130 …which I believe he had the luck of a perfect GR and he should be playing the lottery ?


You talked about the 130, I’m just reporting what I see in the EU leaderboard


150 solo in 5 days is not officially intended.
Some of us actually think it’s better to have push leaderboards than time attack leaderboards. At least at the start of the season. 2-5min gr 150 grind for full season is just boring (or like in previous season, 1min - 5min).
The only problem here is balance. Doesn’t make much sense for necro to overperform all the others with this kind of difference.


The day it was done, it would become a national holiday :joy:


150 should be done by 3-5 days… Just no. With this theme, I am surprised already

People take their time to farm their items and swap around items to see what works best. After S30 happened, it was only expected that a big plummet in playerbase after it ended. Perhaps that happened but it seems SSF was alluring enough too.

Oh, boy, and here’s me that’s never done a GR150 in my entire life.


That’s surprising, Meteorblade. I always imagined you would push your barbarian with whatever build was best and I don’t know much about Barbarians but last season, The Frenzy set (Savages I think it’s called) could blast 150 with the Ring of Fire power, I think. I thought for certain you would be one of them.

In Season 30 I played a Necro. Looking at the season summary in my in-game profile shows I played it for 38 hours 36 minutes, got to Paragon 1028 and cleared GR132. These days I only tend to play to Guardian and a little bit longer if I enjoy the theme as for the last couple of years I’ve pretty much switched over to Immortal. Last time I played a Barb in season was in Season 26 using the reworked Raekor. In Season 28 I did a GR146 on a Necro and that, to date, is my highest ever clear.


Don’t you think the fact that there’s a max Gr tier defeats the purpose?? For most of diablo 3 history nobody could clear gr150 and grs were a competition on who could go the highest….


Careful…the last time I mentioned wanting to see how high I could clear, somebody tried to convince me that 100 and 150 were “mathematically identical.”

I still have the occasional chuckle out of it. Wonder if that’ll ever go away.

There may also be a lot less players taking this whole thing seriously.
Despite my slow leveling, I was ranking 60th. Overall. With a GR20.

I don’t think it’s healthy if people generally reach the cap - the whole incentive of the genre is to keep pushing and growing your character. The game shouldn’t end in 3 days.

Back to the first point, eventually the most competitive people will move on I suppose, and only casuals like me remain. It doesn’t mean that we need buffs. (Maybe damage taken could match damage done creep.)

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You could have full primals perfect rolls, and 900 million paragon, and full altar unlocks, and full geared follower, and the perfectly optimized skills with all the correct choices. In short, a literal PERFECT 100% optimized min-max character SPECIFICALLY for GR pushing…

and you could still die if you forget to press the buttons in the correct sequence at the correct time. Maybe it wasn’t even YOU! Maybe it was your cat jumped on your lap, or the baby caught on fire. (I hear babies do that from time to time)

When they say “life finds a way” that isn’t always a GOOD thing. :poop: is a part of life too.

Literally just as I am typing this , KingKongor ( ) its…pushing GR 132 with his Barb.

Pushing yes? LOL

And his Paragon is 1.2k+

Is ok to be casual or just play your way. I don’t care you don’t see GR150 as “end game”, but well … it is.

And as I said, it should be reached by most, in 10-14 days, even for some high time casuals not only hardcore.

But as I see, only a handful of players and classes will reach 150 this season. Might happen with all classes, but the grind will be insane, which is pathetic.

…no! Hello? There are more than 1 class which one can play after he reached 150 with his main.

There are A LOT less players, I agree.


I dont see it that way. In fact, I believe 150 should be waaaaay out there as something to strive for but extremely hard or unlikely to be achieved by most players.

If, people are reaching the highest mark in the game so early, then the characters need to be nerfed or the goal needs to be extended. As is, things are out of balance.


Yes. The game needs better balance between classes and builds.

Having GR150 soloable with a reasonable amount of effort is what I would like. Video games are meant for fun and entertainment. D3 should not be a second job in terms of time commitment.

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I never claimed it wasn’t the end game. I was just saying that I’ve never reached it. (I have, however, done a GR146 a few seasons ago). I also suspect the vast majority of people that ever played the game didn’t reach it either. Just because it’s possible 12+ years after release, with the huge amounts of set buffs and seasonal themes doesn’t mean this is something the entire player base should achieve within a fortnight. Then what? They speed-run GR150s to see how quick they can do them? So they can get paragon levels to see how much even quicker they can do them?

You can’t see from where you are, but I’m strenuously pressing X to doubt.

So, people might want to play a less effective class / build, just because they find it fun?
Okay, now imagine they do this without having made a GR150 capable main first.


My playtime is limited, so I like to hyper focus and plan out my sessions, but that’s just me. If you have any expectations whatsoever about how you think the game should allow you to do the hardest content in less than two weeks, you have unrealistic expectations.

Maybe spend less time typing out your whining and more time playing with a focused goal and it’ll save you a day or two?

Or, just, you know, enjoy the game and a little escape from the normal day. The season lasts longer than 10 days, so what’s the huge rush? I like to rush the season journey and altar (finally done last night!) so I can maximize and enjoy rifting and visions and enmities with clan and friends. We always hit 150 anyways, eventually.

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